Gdansk Hotels

If you wish to find a Gdansk accommodation nearby the center of town, you may find that you will be paying a bit more for location. However, if you head out of the center of town toward Sopot you will find that Gdansk is more affordable. Of course, pricing with all Gdansk hotels will be according to the time of the year and how busy they are at the time of your visit. Peak season prices for hotels in Gdansk or any Gdansk lodging will be more expensive.

Several Gdansk hotels will give you all the comfort and amenities you desire while you are visiting. One of the most popular hotels in Gdansk is the Kamienica Goldwasser located at Dugie Pobrzeze 22. The location is awesome right on the waterfront. There are not many amenities aside from a fabulous restaurant on sight, a television, and hair dryer. Some rooms do have a nice fireplace.

If you are looking for ambience with your Gdansk accommodation, then the Podewils at Szafarnia 2 may be more to your liking. This cozy Gdansk lodging is a quiet villa style located in the heart of downtown. The view of the Krolewski is one main reason this hotel is found on the most popular list of Gdansk hotels along with other amenities such as nonsmoking rooms, concierge, sauna, restaurant, and room service.

If you do not mind a Gdansk accommodation where no English is spoken, then the Stemp-Tur at Bacha 45 is a very affordable hotel with a magnificent garden. The Stemp-Tur is charming and quiet located on Johann Sebastien Street nearby the downtown area. The Stemp-Tur is a quaint and charming boarding type establishment. You will love the country charm and quiet retreat while being only 5 minutes from Old Town. Just remember, only Polish is spoken.

One of the many hotels in Gdansk are sure to fit your lifestyle including the Angela which may be on the busy street at Beethovena 12, but once you hit the door you will realize this Gdansk hotel offers quiet and serenity from the charming interior to the beautiful garden style setting. The hotel does not have many amenities besides a television and a restaurant, but you are close enough to all the action around Gdansk that you will not miss the extras.

Feeling special is not a problem at the Hanza home at Tokarska 6. This Gdansk lodging is one that overlooks the river promenade and if you specially ask for a room with a view of the canal and Old Town, you will be very delighted as you look out your window at the spectacular scenery. You will of course pay a bit more for this type of treatment with this being one of the hotels in the downtown area that offers a health club & spa, restaurant, and other amenities.

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