Lazienki Royal Park

There are many parks in Poland in many of the larger city and even in throughout the neighborhoods in smaller towns. Lazienki Royal Park is a Warsaw park that attracts many visitors and locals alike. A stroll through Lazienkowski as the locals call it, will have you mingling with parents and their children, couples in love, and of course will give you a quiet recluse away from the noisy city.

Lazienki Royal Park or Park Lazienkowski is the largest Warsaw Park home in the center of town. Lazienkowski was established by Tylman van Gameren during the 17th century deriving its name for a bathing pavilion that was located in the park. the entire Warsaw park was created for Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski. Some time during 1764, this beautiful park in Poland became the possession of Stanislaw August Poniatowski the King of Poland. After this time, the entire park was Poniatowski’s pride and joy. His lifelong work is still present today in the beauty and solitude of Lazienkowski.

The main buildings in the Warsaw park surround the Lazienki Lake or are located nearby the Lazienki River. The Stanislaw August Palace also known as the “Palace on the Water” or “Palace on the Isle” sits on the lake with magnificent furnishings and paintings of the Classicist style. Outside the castle stand mythological figures standing to protect the castle on this artificial island.

Lazienki Park is one of the most popular parks in Poland not only for the majestic castle but also for all the tranquility and other buildings that are nestled within Lazienki Park. Lazienkowski is home to other architectural structures including the White House, which was the summer home of Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Instead of a huge castle, the White House is a garden villa and may be one of the most beautiful garden areas of all the parks in Poland. Louis XVIII also called the White House home during his exile from France from 1801 until 1805.

Lazienki Royal Park is also home to other castles and buildings including the Myselwicki Palace, the Temple of Diana, and the Egyptian Temple. The Temple of Diana home is home in the northwestern part of Lazienki Park and is created with beautiful murals of flowers as well as fruits motifs. The Egyptian Temple is another popular attraction when it comes to visiting parks in Poland. The temple was built in 1822 by Jakub Kubicki whom also built the Temple of Diana during the same year. The temple is home in the southwestern part of the Lazienki Park.

While visiting Warsaw, you may wish to visit the historical Auschwitz concentration camp just outside of town or enjoy the delightful traditional Polish cuisine at various restaurants around Old Town.

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