Lodz Poland

Lodz Poland may be not as popular as some cities throughout Poland, however, if one just took some time to look around they would realize that an entire vacation could be spent here. Too often overlooked, due to the fact that at one time it was famous for its textile industrial, which brought to mind such cities in America as Buffalo, New York and Cleveland Ohio. However, Lodz Poland may still have several textile factories, but is also a booming tourist location with many things to see and do. Many exciting adventures can be encountered with a Lodz vacation.

Lodz travel is one that is unique in atmosphere from the time of its beginning back in the 15th century and then becoming a land were Poles, Germans, and Jews lived and worked side by side in a society where the rich oppressed the poor which was revealed in a novel by Wladyslaw Reymont, “The Promised Land”.

A Lodz vacation can encompass many attractions including historical and of course Piotrkowska Street which is one of the longest commercial thoroughfares in Europe. Practically every Lodz tour includes a stroll down Piotrkowska Street not only for all the shops, restaurants, and pubs but also for the sheer beauty of the palaces and homes that were at one time the homes of the aristocracy. Lodz Piotrkowska is one of the top tourist attractions in Lodz Poland with many things to do, see, and enjoy. The restaurants on Piotrkowska Street offer a variety of cuisines including traditional Polish foods, while the pubs are frequented by both locals and vacationers. Lodz Piotrkowska will not only give you a glimpse into the beauty of the area, but will allow you the chance to mingle with locals and enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful city during your Lodz tour.

The tour of Lodz Piortrkowska will more than likely take you through Liberty Square, which at one time was the popular market place in the late 1800’s. All along Piotrkowska Street, you will find many wonderful architectural designs depicting the past and the beauty of the Art Nouveau era as well as learn about the famous figures of the Lodz area.

Kohn’s House is another wonderful attraction that must be on your Lodz tour list. This three-story mansion at 43 Piotrkowska Street was built in 1870 and was the creative design of G. Landau – Gutenteger. Another famous home just a tad down the street is Petersilge’s House. Jan Petersilge began the first local newspaper and is known as a prominent figure of Lodz history. His home was built in 1896 and pays tribute to not only the publishers profession, but of those in the black art.

The Lodz travel guides also include not only homes on Piotrkowska Street but also a few palaces as well such as the Maksymilian Goldfeder’s Palace and the Juliusz Kindermann’s Palace. The Maksymilian Goldfeder’s Palace was built in 1892 to function as a comfortable home and as a bank house. The exterior of the palace is similar to that you would see with the Italian Renaissance, however, the interior of this magnificent palace is decorated with elaborate chandeliers, mirrors, with a charm such as would you expect from the wealthy. The Juliusz Kindermann’s Palace was built by Karl Siedl an Austrian architect for Juliusz Kindermann, a wealthy cotton factory owner. The palace is not as glamorous as the Maksymilian Goldfeder’s Palace but is one that must be included for its beautiful mosaic with scenes depicting the transportation of cotton.



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