Lodz Hotels

Hotels in Lodz Poland are unlike other hotels throughout Poland. There is not a huge hospitality area other than near the center of town and even then, you will not really find elaborate Lodz lodging facilities. The good news on the other hand, is that you can stay at an accommodation in Lodz for a much more reasonable price at any time of the year. The prices do not rise and fall according to the season.

Hotels in Lodz Poland do not offer many amenities but are comfortable and nearby all the attractions, you might wish to visit. The main hotels will be found nearby Piotrkoska Street in the center part of town. The Grand located on Piotrkosak Street is the most popular. Out of all the Lodz hotels, this is the only one located on this famous street offering a close proximity to all the nearby shops and exciting nightlife. The Grand is known for its elegant decor and comfortable rooms with a unique restaurant on site.

If you are searching for Lodz hotels that are not right in the middle of the action, but still very close, then the Qubus Hotel Lodz beside the Prince Poniatowski Park might be more to your liking. It is still only about a 10-minute drive to the popular shopping area and offers a few amenities such as a restaurant on site, conference room, non-smoking rooms, room service, and broadband internet in every room. The rooms are up to date and very clean.

Leaving the center of town you will also find an accommodation in Lodz that is just as appealing and will be a bit quieter than the center area of town. The Rubin at Scaleniowa 11 is home in southwestern Lodz in the neighborhood of Popioly. This is one of the Lodz hotels that offers a getaway that is relaxing and calm. Many visitors love the calm and quiet atmosphere of this hotel in Lodz located next to the forest with its own well-maintained garden and terrace. The hotel is more of a country villa offering a calm relaxing stay for business meetings as well as a family getaway.

Just outside of town, you will find a few unique Lodz accommodations offering a peaceful nights rest such as the Unia located along the Grabia River Landscape Beauty Park. This Lodz lodging facility is a modern family owned hotel that not only offers comfort but also the country side atmosphere many desire. Amenities offered are quite extensive for a smaller Lodz hotel, which includes a restaurant, drink bar, café, Wi Fi in all rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna, and activities the entire family will love such as fishing, bonfires, and barbecues. Another quaint and charming stay were English, German, and Russian are spoken.

As you can plainly see, hotels in Lodz Poland vary in amenities and the proximity to activities and sights to see. Finding the perfect Lodz lodging will be easy once you decide if you want to be near the center of town with all the Lodz attractions or outside of town with all of nature to explore.



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