Malbork Castle

Malbork Poland is home in northern Poland in the Zulawy region and is well known for the Malbork Castle that stands out overlooking the entire city. The castle in Malbork was built in Prussia and became the seat of the Teutonic Order and the largest Gothic fortress in all of Europe. In the beginning, the castle and town were called Marienburg, which is not what it appears to be. In fact, the castle is three castles in one. The Malbork Castle is the largest brick castle in the world and the most stunning in Europe. During World War II, over half of Malbork Castle was destroyed but is under reconstruction to this day. The tower of the castle in Malbork is still in ruins.

Of course, Malbork travel must take you to visit this beautiful castle and museum. The Malbork Castle is home to many wonderful permanent exhibitions such as the History of the Church of St. Mary, the Infirmary at the Middle Class, and The Mill in the High Castle in Malbork, to name a few.

Malbork Poland has more to offer than the main tourist attractions for any visitor that wishes to enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere that is found in northern Poland. Malbork travel guides offer tours around the town, which will include visits to the various churches including the Church of St. John the Baptist. This church has been around since around the 13th century, however, it was rebuilt many times due to destruction during the war. The interior of the church may not be much to talk about except for the neo-gothic altar and the medieval sculpture of St. Elizabeth of Turin.

Along with churches, you may wish to visit the Soviet Army Cemetery. This small cemetery is well worth putting on your Malbork travel list. The cemetery is a remembrance of the Soviet soldiers that lost their lives liberating the area. The tombstones date back to 1948 with the graves of 529 soldiers that died for the cause.

Malbork Poland offers hotel accommodations at the Same Hotel. The hotel is home in the former Teutonic hospital for lansquenets and offers a unique stay in the medieval fortress. The hotel offers one café, three restaurants, and a comfortable night’s sleep.

Just visiting Malbork for a night will be a memory that you will not soon forget especially with the looming Malbork castle within sight at every corner of the town.

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