Poland Hiking

Poland hiking is fast becoming a major part of Poland tourism. The main reason this is occurring is due to the wonderful Poland trails that can be found from trails in the Tatra mountains to enjoying a Poland trek in a nature preserve. Poland trekking can be as strenuous or as relaxing as you desire.

There is a variety of Poland trails, however, one of the most popular spreads across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany to Swinoujscie, Poland and then onward along the Baltic Sea coastline to Braniewo. Another Poland trail begins in the Netherlands and crosses Germany ending up in Slubice, Poland. Both of these Poland trails take walkers or hikers across some of the most beautiful countryside of Poland.

If you prefer Poland trekking that is not too strenuous then you may wish to spend the day at the Slowinski National Park in northern Poland. Here you will enjoy hiking in Poland over moving sand dunes and watching the birds that call the area home as it is the breeding ground of several species. Along the eastern border of Poland, you will find Poland hiking trails at the Bialowieski National Park.

If you want more of an adventure than just walking through the various Poland hiking trails, then you might enjoy Poland trekking on the rugged Tatra mountains. To get started on this Poland trek you should begin in Zakopane where you will walk through the beautiful valleys and past majestic lakes before reaching the uphill climb. The next part of the Poland trek is not easy, as you will be climbing up to the highest peak of the Carpathian range on the Polish side, Rysy at 2499 meters. Once there you will see a breath taking view of Poland along with Slovakia on Poland’s border.

Hiking in Poland is an exciting experience the entire family can enjoy, however, if you plan to use a tour company for your excursion, many do not allow children under the age of 18 due to the rough terrain that is found on the Tatra Mountains. On the other hand, you can find a few tours for hiking in Poland throughout the national parks that will gladly accept children. No matter, what hiking trail you decide to explore, you will be awed at the beauty and diverse countryside that Poland has to offer.

For both beginners and experts the Peininy and Beskid Sadecki are some of the most popular regions for hiking or climbing. The various trails are designed so even the novice climber can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the area since it is protected with the only area that has human influence is at Poprad Landscape Park.

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