Poland Hostels

Poland hostels often referred to as backpacker’s hotels offers a cheap Poland accommodation for those that do not mind a dormitory style room. Many people traveling prefer to stay in hostels in Poland due to the fact they are often quite a bit cheaper than hotels in the area. This way, visitors have more money to spend on attractions and activities instead of plush hotel rooms.

The main difference between Polish hostels and hotels is that rates are extremely lower and many of the hostels in Poland offer programs for the guests to share such as DVD’s or other items. The environment found in Poland hostels is a more at home feel where everyone can enjoy the camaraderie of other guests as well as the local hosts. Staying at a hostel will give you the opportunity to meet new people or travel with friends and share accomodations.

Hostels offer individuals a cheap Poland accommodation such as the ones you can find in Zakopane. Zakopane has expensive hotels; however, the Polish hostels in the area allow you to have a cheap Poland accommodation nearby all the fun. One of the most popular Polish hostels in Zakopane is the Tatra Backpackers Hostel. This unique hostel is located in the center of town, is nearby several hiking trails, and of course winter sport activities.

Gdansk is also home to a few Poland hostels including the Patron Hostel and the Dizzy Daisy Hostel. The Patron Hostel is open year round, is nearby Old Town, and offers a swimming pool as well as internet access for their guests. The Dizzy Daisy Hostel is only a short 7 minutes from Old Town and just a tad away from the railway station. This Poland hostel offers guest kitchen, BBQ area, WiFi access, and 24-hour security.

When you are searching for hostels in Poland, you will be amazed at the various locations that offer such great accommodations. Warsaw is home to many hostels as well. One of the most popular hostels in Warsaw is the Hostel Tamka. The Hostel Tamka is home in the center of Warsaw, which allows guests to be in the thick of all the excitement that this capital city has to offer from tourist attractions to pubs.

Poland has many wonderful hostels for those that wish to visit many areas of Poland but are on a tight budget. Traveling by rail and staying at hostels will give you the opportunity to see all the beautiful cities and historical sites during your stay.

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