Poland Sea Resorts

Poland sea resorts are home along the Baltic Sea and offer wonderful vacation opportunities. Many of the luxury Poland resorts reside in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship or Pomeranian Voivodeship. The area is home in northwestern Poland with the Baltic Sea along the northern coast. The coastline along the Baltic Sea in Poland encompasses 799 kilometers of golden sandy beaches.

In Pomeranian Voivodeship, you will find a variety of Poland sea resorts in various cities dotting the coastline such as Swinoujscie. Many of the Polish resorts in Swinoujscie are found in the historical district of the city and are close by many unique attractions such as the Karsiborska Kepa a bird sanctuary.

Szczecin is the capital of West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Not only is Szczecin known as a seaside Polish resort you will not find any Polish resorts in the area as the town itself is known as a resort. The town is in a location where the beauty reminds visitors of a resort area without the large resorts but great 5 star hotels. Szczecin is home to several tourist attractions such as the Gallery of Contemporary Arts, and Eureka, the miracles of Science for visitors to enjoy.

Kolobrzeg is a magnificent town in Middle Pomeranian located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea and the Parseta River. It is the capital of Kolobrzeg County in West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Today, Kolobrzeg is a Poland Sea resort that combines the beauty of the shoreline and the wonderful Polish resorts with health resorts as well as several entertainment opportunities such as the beer gardens. The town is not only home to many popular Poland resorts but is part of the European Route of Brick Gothic network. The path begins at Kolobrzeg and ends in Podczele providing cyclist the beauty of beaches, swamps, bird nesting grounds, woods, and other scenic views.

Police, Poland has a few Poland sea resorts that offer not only a stay fit for a king or queen but the proximity to several wonderful attractions, beautiful scenery, and great activities. Some of the most popular attractions at home in this Poland resort area include Msciecino Park and the Wkrzanska Forest. The beautiful city park is home between Szczecin and Police. The Wkrzanska Forest is home in the area of Swidwie Nature Reserve and allows visitors to view the natural fauna and flora of the region in an untouched park like setting. There are also many Poland statues and monuments dotting the streets of Police that are well worth visiting such as the 15th century Gothic Chapel in the Chrobry Square in Old Town, the Police Lapidary in the Staromiejski Park in Old town and the Neo-Gothic Church also home in Old Town.

Poland is home to many seaside resorts as well as skiing resorts and various other hotels and hostels. Finding the perfect accommodations only depends on where you wish to stay.

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