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Poland tours offers an array of unique and exquisite tours that provide visitors with a wide ranging list of sights in Poland to see and things to do. You can choose self-guided tours or guided tours according to the places you wish to visit and the activities that your family might enjoy.

tours of Poland that come with a guide include some of the most popular sights in Poland such as Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial, the Caestochowa Monastery, or the majestic Tatra Mountains. Guided tours of Poland also give you the chance to learn about the various cities such as Warsaw and Krakow.

On the other hand, you may wish to have a Poland tour that takes you off the beaten path to lesser-known areas where you can feel the atmosphere and culture of Poland such as the Pieniny National Park, Zakopane, Roztocze National Park, and Lublin.

Tours of castles in Poland is a real treat. The most popular tour of castles in Poland includes Wawel Castle home in Warsaw. However, there is a variety of castles throughout Poland that should be on the list of tours of castles in Poland especially if you are going out on your own to view the castles. You should include the Bedzin Castle in the village of Bedzin in southern Poland. The castle was originally created from wood but has been restored using stone. Today the Bedzin castle is a public museum. There are many castles home in Poland and another that that must not be left off the list for your vacation is the Malbork Castle. This castle is at the top of list of Polish tours. Malbork Castle is just one of Poland’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the largest castle in all of Poland created really from three separate castles.

Polish tours offer a flavor of historical benefits as well as a culture that has withstood the invasion of neighboring countries since the dawn of time. Poland tours offer a glimpse into the various time periods, the wars, the occupations, and of course the strong determination to remain independent and free from oppression throughout the years.

Sights in Poland to see are vast from the Baltic coast and the unique sand dunes at Slowinski National Park to the awesome snow capped Tatra Mountains to quaint and charming villages dotting the hills and valleys. Not only will you see magnificent scenic views, but on the list of sights to see in Poland are such precious monuments as the Black Madonna and of course the concentrations camps such as Auschwitz.

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