Sopot Poland

Sopot Poland is a town on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea home in northern Poland. With Gdynia and Gdansk Sopot makes up what is known as the Tri-city area. Sopot Poland is famous for its health and spa tourist appeal but is also home to the festival, Sopot International Song Festival.

When it comes to accommodations, you will find many wonderful Sopot Hotels, one popular hotel is the Sofitel Grand located in the seaside and pier area. This Sopot hotel was built in 1927 in Art Nouveau style and offers amenities such as restaurant, bar, private beach, casino, garden, conference room, and sports activities such as miniature golf.

The Curative House is an awesome casino and resort offering guests a beautifully restored historic monument in which to relax and rejuvenate their mind, bodies and soul while staying in Sopot. You can find an array of Sopot Hotels from budget to resorts and casinos. Many Sopot Hotels are within walking distance of all the popular attractions.

Another Sopot Poland attraction is the longest pier in Europe along with the Forest Opera. Both are must-sees when you are visiting the Gdansk Sopot area. The Grand Hotel is another early medieval structure that many have to double take to be sure, of what they saw. The Slavonic gord design from the VIIth century is a marvel to view.

As mentioned above, Sopot Poland is home to the Sopot International Song Festival, which is an international song contest. The first Sopot festival of this kind was produced in 1961 and from that time has grown into a worldwide event. Not only does the festival and competition give Europeans a chance to show their talent but many from other countries are also included such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, South Africa, New Zealand, Mongolia, Peru, and Nigeria, to name a few.

Sopot travel can include all the sights around the city as well as the Sopot festivals, restaurants, and clubs. Sopot travel is not just for the grownups as it is home to many family fun activities including water slides, tennis courts, and fun on the beach. For your taste buds, you should try out a few of the traditional Polish restaurants in Sopot. The most popular is Restauracja in Monte Cassino. The restaurant serves traditional Polish foods with such dishes as pickled vegetables, herring, and of course the infamous Polish sausage.

One attraction that has visitors flocking to downtown Sopot are the two fountains with saltwater. One of the fountains is home beside the balneaotherapy building and the other is home in South Park. The salt water when inhaled is believed to heal such conditions as laryngitis, thyroid problems, and help to increase the immune system.

Disco"s dot the downtown area closde by the pier and the beach. You will find an array of clubs that have been here many years while others such as the Viva Club on the beach was established in 2001. The oldest club in the area is home on the Heroes of Monte Cassino street just at the start of the pier.

Gdansk Sopot is a great place to find the best of Poland all in one tri-city area where you will be able to taste traditional Polish foods, enjoy the beach, join in the fun during Sopot festivals and surround yourself with several historical sights dating back centuries.

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