Stare Miasto Warsaw

The major attraction in the capital city of Poland is Warsaw Old Town. The city has two diverse locations known as Stare Miasto Warsaw or Old Town and Nova Miasto Warsaw or New Town. Both combined are the oldest part of the city, however, Stare Miasto Warsaw is the oldest district of the city by a few centuries. Old Town in Warsaw Poland dates back to many of the famous Polish kings.

To find Old Town in Warsaw you must follow Solidarity Street (Al. Solidarnosci) beginning at the center of Warsaw. You follow the street all the way to the Royal Castle where you will find yourself in Warsaw Old Town. The Royal Castle has been reconstructed and is today home to a museum bringing several visitors each year. The museum is home to throne rooms, ballrooms, and the Royal Apartments. The castle hosts many concerts each year for the enjoyment of locals as well as guests.

As you venture away from the castle in Warsaw Old Town, you will be standing in a huge plaza with many large columns. Here you will see magnificent statues such as the one of King Sigismund III and heading north you will encounter the rest of Warsaw Old Town Poland.

History is all around the Stare Miasto Warsaw as you walk around the old city walls that have stood the test of time surround portions of the area even though crumbled in some places. Here you will find a vast array of memorials to famous Polish kings or warrior and even a museum that is dedicated to medieval torture. Following the cobblestone road, you will find yourself in the main market square of Warsaw Old Town Poland.

The market square is the center for all the activities in Warsaw. In the center of the square is the Polish Mermaid Statue along with other Warsaw Old Town attractions nearby such as the old city church bell and St. John’s Cathedral. The entire area features medieval architecture with an array of shops and restaurants.

As you walk through the cobblestone street and see all the beautiful colored buildings, you must remember that many of the buildings you see at Old Town in Warsaw were destroyed by war and all of these majestic historical sites have been rebuilt by the Poles that love their country and their wish for their culture and history to survive. While you are here you should also visit other areas of Warsaw and take in the various attractions such as Palace of Culture or the Royal Castle.

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