Suwalki Poland

Suwalki is a northeastern Polish town and the capital of Suwalki County. This town in Poland is around 30 km from the Lithuanian border in an area known as Suvalkija, sometimes referred to as Sudovia. This region has been in controversy over the true nation that Suvalkja should really belong to since World War II; however, the majority of Suvalkja has remained a part of Poland.

The history of Polish towns is always intriguing and Suwalki is no different. In 1688, Suwalki Poland was only a small village that was home on a trade route that connected Godno and Merecz with Koenigsberg. By 1710, permission from King August II the Strong was given to Suwalki to hold markets and fairs. The small village grew with the population tripling by 1827. Suwalki Poland thrived during the inter-war period due to its position as a town in Poland dependent of commerce and trade. World War II came to the area, and Suwalki was then only a town that was incorporated into East Prussia. As with all Polish towns receiving their liberation, the uphill climb back to being a prosperous city was hard.

This town in Poland is known for its beautiful surroundings and its historical buildings, some dating back to 1825. Suwalki Travel takes visitors through the wide city streets lined with classicist buildings. The historical area is one that all guests put on their list for Suwalki travel. Many of the architectural designs depict the 19th century era and are dotted with secular and sacral structures.

In the center of Suwalki, you will absolutely love the two parks and the Arkadia Lake that offers a variety of recreational activities. Suwalki Travel includes other attractions such as the monument and museum dedicated to Maria Konopnicka, the brewery of Waclaw Kunc, and the St. Alexander’s Church. Many of the cemeteries throughout Poland were desecrated by the Nazi’s, with one being in Suwalki. Today, at the Suwalki Jewish cemetery you will see a memorial at the location of where the cemetery once stood along with a few gravestones and only portions of markers left behind.

Of course, any time you visit Polish Towns you must enjoy the delightful cuisine. Suwalki is home to two excellent restaurants that offer traditional Polish cuisine, the Hancza and the Dom Nauczyciela. Both are located in the center of town.

There are many things to do all across Poland that will have you embracing the history of this European country, leaning about their culture, and of course enjoying all the wonderful activities such as skiing in the Tatra Mountains to relaxing on the beaches in Szczecin.

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