Temple of Sybille

Visitors to Poland are always in search of historical buildings especially a Poland Temple. The capital city is home to a Warsaw temple that has visitors year round from all over the world. Maybe to pay homage to the Goddess Diana or just to marvel at the beauty of the design, no matter the reason, the Polish temple that is getting on the attention is the Sybille Temple, also known as the Temple of Sybille or the Temple of Diana.

The Temple of Sybille also referred to as the Temple of Diana is home in Lazienki Park. This is just one of the remarkable Polish temples created by Jakub Kubicki that call Lazienki home. The Temple of Sybille along with the Egyptian Temple was built in 1822. The Temple of Sybille is a classicist temple erected to honor the goddess Diana. It is home in the northwestern part of the park nearby the Lazienki Lake. The most popular attraction of the Temple of Sybille is the fruit motifs and the murals of flowers that adorn the interior.

Even though the Sybille Temple is small, it is on the most popular Polish Temple list for visitors. The Warsaw Temple is just bellow the Belvedere in a quiet, secluded wooded area of the park. The entire temple is created with wood that is designed to look just like a classical ancient Greek Temple. The entrance of the Sybille Temple is guarded by two lions made from cast iron.

The other Warsaw Temple created by Jakub Kubicki is the Egyptian Temple, which is home in the southwestern area of the park. The northern part of this Polish temple has remained the same since its creation, however, the southern portion was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.

Not only was Jakub Kubicki the creator of these Poland temples but he was known for his classicist architectural designs that can be seen in the various palaces and summer residencies such as Bialaczow and Bejsce. His works can be seen at the city limit booths on the outskirts of Warsaw where two of are still standing today. Other areas of Warsaw that have a touch of Kubicki are the reconstructed terrace of the Royal Castle and the palace of Belweder.

The most famous Poland temple is of course the Temple of Sybille that has several visitors each and every year to view the craftsmanship and of course the tranquility of the park itself. Visiting Warsaw and the various attractions around the city must include a tour of Old Town where you will walk the path of kings to the Royal Castle.

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