Things To Do In Poland

There are many things to do in Poland and that is the main reason that more and more families are choosing Poland for their family vacation. Polish attractions encompass festivals, events, sporting events, parks, majestic scenery, and spectacular Gothic churches and Renaissance castles.


Practically almost any time you travel, you will find a festival or an event to take part in. One of the most popular Polish attractions in the way of a festival is Shanties held in Krakow. This awesome festival takes visitors and guests back to a time of sailors with sailor’s songs and the pure enjoyment of honoring these old time sailors.

The Heineken Opener Festival is one of the most popular Polish attractions home in Gdansk. This is one of the most talked about festivals throughout Europe with celebrities such as Franz Ferdinand to please the crowd of visitors from around the world.


Zakopane is a dream come true for skiers. This town brings you to the Tatra Mountains and offers many wonderful accommodations with the skier in mind. Skiers love visiting and trying out the ski jump at Wielka Krokiew due to the fact it was the host of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1929, 1939, and 1962.

Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains offers skiing at its finest for beginners to experts with magnificent views from the highest mountain in Poland. The Tatra Mountains are always at the top of the list for Polish tourist attractions especially Wielka Krokiew, which is a ski jumping venue.

Historical sightseeing

History is abundant in Poland, and Czestochowa is one of the sought after Polish tourist attractions mainly due to this fact. This unique town is surrounded by Jurassic rocks with ruins of Medieval castles looking down upon Czestochowa. Along with being a historical town with magnificent scenery, the town is also known for being the home of many miracles at the Jasna Gora Monastery. Many that visit this Poland attraction stand in awe at the architectural design of this 15th century monastery.


Another top historical Poland attraction is the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are three major camps here to explore on the Auschwitz camp area, which is about 37 miles west of Krakow. Many visitors walk away realizing that what they have heard and seen is only a small part of the tremendous inhumane acts that occurred.

Nature Adventures

When anyone talks about Poland attractions and things to do in Poland, the Bieszczady Mountains are at the top of the list of must see. The spectacular view of wildlife and beauty is like no other in this secluded are of Europe. The San River divides the mountain and is other popular Poland attraction that invites visitors on a raft trip in traditional wooden boats from May to October.

Those that love the outdoors and the beauty of lakes never leave the Mazury Lakes off the top of Polish tourist attractions. The Lake District of Poland is home in the northwestern part of Poland where you will find all kinds of wonderful things to do in Poland including water sports and outdoor fun to enjoy. Families love this area due to the fact that there is so much to do from sailing, canoeing, horseback riding, and of course fishing. If you want to mix a bit of history in with your outdoor fun, then stop by Gierloz the home of Hitler’s headquarters and Wolf’s Lair. In Ketrzyn, you will find a beautifully preserved 16th century castle and in Kadzidlowo, an animal preserve.


Warsaw is a city with many activities and things to do from visiting the 13th century Royal Castle to enjoying traditional Polish cuisine at the various restaurants. Warsaw is aslo home to Old Town which offers cobblestoned streets, markets, and various charming shops for all kinds of items. The city of Warsaw is one that offers a unique nightlife as well with chic and local clubs along ul. Mazowiecka in Œródmieœcie. The Lazienki Royal Gardens and the Palace on the Water may be one of the most popular attractions in Warsaw. You can visit the park for a stroll or a picnic without any cost, however, a visit to the musuem will cost a small fee.

Black Madonna and Barbakan Krakowski

The city of Czestochowa is home to the national monument, the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna is one that have been visited for many years as a pilgrimage destination. Tours of the monastery include this miraculous Gothic painting of the Our Lady. Many believe that miracles occur here and come hear to pray for forgiveness or for healing. You can enjoy the tour of the monastery along with other attractions in Krakow including the Eagles Nests Trail which is a unique system of watchtowers and castles built to protect the city during the 15th century known as Barbakan Krakowski.

Many cities and towns offer things to do in Poland fincluding visiting museums, historical sights, enjoying water sports, and shopping at local markets.

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