Poland Transportation

Poland transportation is just like any other country offering travelers a diverse means to visit all the major cities and view the magnificent scenery across the country. Car rentals in Poland can be found at most major airports, cities, and even at a few luxury hotels.

Things to remember if you plan to use Poland rental cars are rules of the road. Even country has their own rules for driving and if you drive car rentals in Poland then you are under their law. The maximum speed is 50 kmh in town during the hours of 5am and 11pm. After 11pm and until 5am 90 khm outside urban areas is fine whereas 100 kmh for dual carriageways and 130 kmh on motorways will not be a problem.

Your foreign driver’s license will work fine with all Poland rental cars as long as you plan to stay under six months. If you stay in Poland longer than six months, you will not be able to find car rentals in Poland unless you pass an examination and receive proper driver privileges.

If you are driving Poland rental cars and you have children there is a law that also applies. All children under the age of 12 must be sitting in a special seat in the back of the car. The rental car will need to have a first aid kit, a hazard-warning triangle, and a fire extinguisher.

Another popular Poland transportation besides rental cars is the Poland rail. The Poland rail will take you throughout Europe if you desire since all the rail services pass through Germany, Slovak Republic, or the Czech Republic. The main routes of the Poland rail link Warsaw with Berlin.

You can also travel by Poland train. All you have to do is visit the local Poland train stations in order to find the routes you need. The white posters marked przyjazdy are the arrival times, yellow posters markers marked odjazdy are departure times. The departure posters will give you the information needed for the list of stations and their destinations along with a platform number. All you need is the time for your train and then go across the column to find the platform number marked Peron.

If you find the platform be sure to look for an overhead sign as many of the Poland trains have more than one track and if you do not read the overhead sign you may get on the wrong train. The overhead sign will show the destination and the time the train will depart.

As you can see, Poland transportation gives you many options to travel throughout the country while seeing all the sights there are to visit as well as embarking on a new adventure.



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