Warsaw Poland

Warsaw Poland is the capital of this unique country, which is rich in culture and history along with being one of the most popular traveled tourist cities in the world.

Warsaw is home practically in the center of Poland on the Vistula River, which separates the city into two sections. The western bank is home to many of businesses, theaters, and banks, while the eastern side of the rivers known as Praga is considered the poorer side of town, however, a few modern shopping centers dot the area along with housing and office buildings. Warsaw Poland is about the same distance from the Baltic Sea shoreline as it is from the Carpathian Mountains at around 230 miles either way.

The city torn apart during World War II had much to rebuild to become the modern and industrious city it is today with a pulsating business area, modern skyscrapers, and of course a mix of yesterday. No matter where you are in Warsaw Poland, you will be able to view the Palace of Culture and Science, which was constructed between 1952 and 1955 as a gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland. At the time of its construction, the building was called Joseph Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science. This is one of the Warsaw attractions that catch the eye of all visitors due to its size that dominates the skyline. It is the seventh tallest building in the European Union and the world"s 187th tallest building standing at 778 feet.

Warsaw travel has visitors enjoying all kinds of unique things to do and see. Warsaw vacations offer much for the family to enjoy from historical monuments to the quiet and relaxation of the numerous urban parks.

Warsaw Poland travel offers a diverse culture and various sections of the city that offers something new to explore. The city is divided into the following sections.

Old Town

Warsaw Poland travel would not be the same if you did not visit the attractions in this area. Warsaw attractions home in Old Town include:

Castle Square – When you step foot out of the modern area of Warsaw into old town your first view is that of Castle Square which is below the Royal Castle. The castle square is home to street entertainers and dancers.

Royal Castle – When it comes to Warsaw attractions, the Royal Castle is a must see. The castle is home at Plac Zamkowy at the entrance of Old Town. This was the home for many czars, German military governor during the World War I, and during World War II the home of the Polish president, Ignacy Moscicki.

New Town

Sapieha Palace is at the top of the list for Warsaw vacations and offers visitors the chance to see and visit one of the magnificent castles in Poland. The castle was built from 1731 to 1746.

St. Kazimierz Church at one time was the residence of Wyszogrod stolnik Adam Kotowski and was known as the Kotowski Palace. Queen Maria Kazimiera Sobieska purchased the castle in 1688 and transformed it into a church.

Royal Route

Warsaw Poland travel has to take you through the Royal Route with many spectacular sights to see including the Staszic Palace which is home to the Polish Academy of Sciences.

As you can see Warsaw vacations offers many things to see and wonderful Warsaw attractions that are unlike any others in the world. Castles with their rich history and reconstructed to hold the aura of the past is one of the many treats you will enjoy during your Warsaw vacations.



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