Warsaw Hotels

Hotels in Warsaw mainly cater to business personnel and are quite expensive when you look at other cities around Poland. They do, on the other hand, offer high standards that would be expected from such hotels. Warsaw hotels may be on the higher price bracket when it comes to staying, but you can find some great deals on Warsaw lodging especially on the weekends when prices are slashed due to business travelers heading home.

The majority of hotels in Warsaw are home in Srodmiescie or what is commonly referred to as the skyscraper zone.

Visitors can find Warsaw lodging that is not as expensive as others in the centre of the city. Warsaw hotels found on the outskirts of town offer more economic prices such as the Fort Hotel or Fort Piontek. The hotel is home on the bank of the Warsaw river about 15km from the city of town. It offers modern furnishings, a restaurant, café, and even a fitness club for your enjoyment. So if you do not mind a short drive into town and really desire a bit of peace of quiet then you may really love hotels in Warsaw that are away from the center of the city.

InterContinental Hotel located at Ul. Emili Plater 49 is a modern hotel that looms over the downtown area. The hotel is upper class with much of the interior furnishings in leathers and woods. Amenities of this hotel include a two-story wellness center, a swimming pool on the 43rd & 44th floors, salon, three restaurants, and executive level rooms. For the price, you will not find any Warsaw hotels in the centre of town that offer all these amenities. Of course the atmosphere is one of elegance to fit the upper class furnishings. Visitors are treated as royal guests.

More than one popular Warsaw accommodation is located in the “the centre of the centre” which is recognizable by the landmark, Palace of Culture. A few of the most popular Warsaw lodging facilities in this area include the Polonia Palace and the Novotel Centrum.

The Polonia Palace has some of the most splendid scenery from a hotel room you will find in any Warsaw accommodation. From your window, you will be able to see the Palace of Culture along with being in close proximity to tasty restaurants and various shops. Here you will not only be able to imagine you are a king or queen but you will feel like like one. The interior is nothing by spectacular and provides guests with the chance to stay in a palace with royal treatment.

The Novotel Centrum Hotel is not far from the Polonia Palace and the prices of the rooms are comparable. The big difference is that this Warsaw lodging is home at the busiest thoroughfares in Warsaw being Aleje Jerozolimskie and Marszalkowska Street. This hotel is one that stands out among the rest when it comes to families. The hotel has a family program designed just for families with children.

Wherever you wish to stay, you will be able to find the best Warsaw accommodation to fit your lifestyle or nearby the attractions or businesses, you wish to visit.

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