Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle is home in Krakow. The history of Wawel expands not only the Wawel Castle but also the Wawel Cathedral and the legend centered on the Dragon’s Lair. Wawel Krakow is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area even though there is more than one Polish castle to visit throughout Poland. The land, which is home to this royal castle in Poland, has a history dating back as far as 50 thousand years when many people lived on Wawel Hill. During the 16th century, King Sigismund I the Old brought in Italian architects, Italian sculptors, and German decorators to create this Polish castle. Wawel Castle soon became the model for other Polish castles throughout the area.

This royal castle in Poland has three floors has the state floors on the third floor, the second floor was reserved for the royal family with private rooms, and court officials lived on the first floor. Today Wawel Krakow is home to period furniture along with many works of art for visitors to enjoy.

The best way to reach the royal castle in Poland is by heading south through Old Town. As you approach Wawel Hill, you will see the Royal Castle and the Cathedral. Throughout Wawel, you will find remnants of days gone by with a large variety of architectural designs since the first settlers began the settlement around 3000 BC.

The Wawel Castle in Poland offers visitors the chance to visit the Wawel Castle, the Cathedral, the Bell Tower, and of course the infamous Dragon’s Lair. As you head toward the Cathedral up Wawel Hill, you may notice the bones that are chained to the wall. The plague besides these bones reads, “Here is the cave in which having killed the wild dragon, he settled at Wawel, and founded the city of Cracow.” Delving into the cave, you will surely notice the temperature change but you will not only be visiting the cave that was the demise of a dragon but the historical location of a pub and inn where many kings visited. One of the best ways in which to see the Wawel Castle, the Bell Tower, and the Dragon"s Lair is through a guided tour through Cracow Planet. The tour is year round and offers a four exciting tour of the area.

You may visit more than one royal castle in Poland, but none will have the legends of the Dragon’s Lair and the historical significance of Wawel Castle in Poland. Poland is home to many wonderful castles most with period furniture and elaborate décor. A Poland vacation would not be the same if you did not include at least a couple of these exquisite castles especially the one found in Wawel Krakow.

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