Wroclaw Poland

Wroclaw Poland is home in the southwestern corner of Poland and is actually is city built on numerous islands which are connected by over 100 bridges. Wroclaw began its existence in the 10th century on what is known as Cathedral Island, the location of the first Czech town. The beauty of Wroclaw Poland is manifested through the magnificent river and the smaller tributaries that join the 12 islands by way of bridges. The rivers creating this unique town are the largest Odra and smaller rivers of Olawa, Bystrzyca, Sleza, and Widawa. The Cathedral Island as it is still called it not really an island in present day as the branch of the Odra was filled in to create land on one side.

The picturesque scenery around the area with flat lands to the north and Sudeten Mountains to the south, a sought after Wroclaw travel location for all types of fun activities with skiing at the top of the list.

Wroclaw tours are one of the most exciting things to do while traveling. Families love the historical realm felt in the area while marveling at the outstanding architectural of days gone by. On the list of Wroclaw tourism attractions is the Church of Peace only about one hour from Wroclaw at one in Swindnica. The church’s architectural design inside and out is breath-taking. Today the Church of Peace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walking through the oldest part of city known as Ostrow Tumski is often one of the major Wroclaw tourism activities. The Cathedral is home here, known as a precious landmark of the city. As well as visiting the Cathedral, you will love all the architectural designs scattered throughout Wroclaw Poland such as the University, the Market Square, and the Gothic City Hall.

Poland is famous for vodka and Wroclaw nightlife would not be the same without it. Enjoy one of the Polish Vodka tasting Wroclaw tours where your taste buds will not only enjoy the varieties of vodka but also the sausages and other delights. If you prefer to taste Wroclaw nightlife on your own, you can crawl all the pubs and get to know some of the locals while partying the night away.

Wroclaw travel offers a variety of Wroclaw tours from guided tours with English speaking guides to self guided tours. The choice is yours as to whether you wish to take enjoy the sights and scenery of the area, visit historical landmarks, or dance all night in a local pub.

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