Portugal is often overshadowed by travel to its bigger neighbor of Spain. However, Portugal is such as an unspoilt gem on the tourist map of Europe. Portugal has a blustery yet rich history of nautical discovery that dates back to the 15th century when Portugese expeditions were in search of an access to India. Portugal travel will inevitably lead tourists to the links of the past in the legacy left behind in ancient buildings and monuments in the country. Portugal travel no doubt encompasses the past but in the bigger cities the step toward a bright future can also be seen.

Contemporary Portugal will keep visitors busy with a number of World Heritage sites, natural wonders and cultural surprises. Portugal tourism includes incredible diversity and beauty with the added fringe of affable and friendly people. Common sights during Portugal tourism are attractive whitewashed houses topped with red-tiled roofs, golden, sandy Portugal beaches, traditional fishing villages, or an expansive stretch of rugged coastline. Portugal tourism presents infinite possibilities.

During Portugal vacations visitors take day trips through medieval barrios in the older cities of Lisbon, Braga, Coimbra or Porto or socialize with crowds at one of the many bustling beach resorts. Choose a car rental for Portugal vacations and take a road trip through some of the more remote towns blanketing the countryside. There are many renovated farm housing and traditional homes that provide accommodation for tourists and allow a glimpse into a more time-honored way of life.

Activities abound and during Portugal vacations there is no shortage of things to do. Diving is a favored sport best done from the Algarve region. Over 25 championship golf courses dot the area as well making it a choice golfing destination. Many people learn how to surf in the southern region or along the western coastline during a vacation in Portugal. Horseback riding is a fun activity as is deep sea fishing and many take several days casting into the cool Atlantic waters hoping for a big catch. A vacation in Portugal might include a Douro river cruise where visitors opt for a half day up to a week cruise and longer to explore the river and valley and take in ancient ruins.

A vacation in northern Portugal will reveal the beauty of the mountainous region which borders Spain. Porto will unveil itself and the many attractions fascinate visitors when on vacation in Portugal. The oldest winery of Offley is found in the north as are the many monuments built in Roman Gothic, Neoclassical and Baroque style. The medieval square is also a point of interest for tourists.

A vacation in Portugal can be the perfect way to take the edge off a busy lifestyle. Though there are so many things to enjoy in the country it can also be the perfect place to relax and put up your feet. Many people take holiday time during the summer months and this can be a very busy time in Portugal. If planning on taking a vacation in Portugal during high season make sure to plan out your holiday well ahead of time. Consider using a suggested itinerary to make the most of your time if on a short holiday. No matter how a holiday is planned, Portugal tends to impress visitors and keep them going back for more.

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