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When looking for flights to Portugal the first thing is to determine which airport is closest to your destination. The majority of visitors choose to begin in the capital of Lisbon. If flying out of Europe there are plenty of airlines that offer convenient flights to Portugal and Portugal has its own airlines including Lufthansa, Air Luxor, Portugalia Airlines and TAP. Often the country’s airlines offer good deals from major European destinations.

Acquiring flights to Portugal is the first step to a wonderful and relaxing vacation. A good way for finding a flight if coming from outside of Europe is to find a connecting flight from either Heathrow or Gatwick. North Americans almost never enjoy the incredibly low rates that can be found flying out of England and other parts of Europe. A cheap flight to Portugal for North Americans will be significantly more but the distance explains the cost.

Still, many North Americans enjoy Portugal’s great weather, excellent dining and affordable prices which make the cost of the flight worth it. A cheap flight to Portugal can still be found by North American standards but the very low cost flights take some time and research to acquire.

If looking for a cheap flight to Portugal, TAP and Monarch Airlines sometimes offer flights as low as 15 Euros in May! That may sound too good to be true but it does happen. Keep in mind that many suggest April and May is not the most ideal time to travel in Portugal. A little bit of rain is not always a deterrent for those intent on finding cheap flights to Portugal. If traveling in the off season there are still many things to do for travelers. Many attractions are indoors such as the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon or the amazing Oceanarium in the modern quarter.

People flying in from the UK normally get off their cheap flights to Portugal and begin their vacations without any jet lag at all as the time zones are aligned. This is a bonus as when flying in from farther away many have to contend with jetlag for a few days. Planning a trip outside of the summer months can definitely cut the costs of travel but from the UK cheap flights to Portugal can be found almost all year.

If you have the time and energy after debarking your cheap flight to Portugal, drop off your things at your Lisbon hotel and head into the city toward the Alfama area. There you can find many restaurants serving up traditional Portugese fare and you might even hear some classic Fado music to get you right into the spirit of things. Fado music is an integral part of Portugese culture.

Summer is a great time to visit the Algarve and many people combine hotel packages to obtain cheap flights to Portugal. Many of Portugal’s southern cities such as Lagos offer fantastic hotel and flight packages for visitors. Once settled at your hotel head out to the golden sandy beaches for some excellent Portugal surf or try some delicious fresh seafood such as traditional Portugese shrimp or mussel dishes.

Some people opt to go overland as opposed to paying for Portugal airfares to arrive at their destination. If traveling from Spain many opt for an overland bus as their preferred mode of transportation. This can be great as many buses will stop at attractions along the way. This isn’t an option for everyone though. Many European countries are small and quick to drive through but France and Spain are quite large and don’t provide the fastest access. This limits overland travel to those in the general vicinity of Portugal.

When flying remember that Portugal airfares leaving during weekends tend to be quite costly. Try booking your flight so it departs during midweek when travel volume is lower and airports tend to be less hectic. Finding Portugal airfares during the week can be an advantage when traveling with children, especially if they’re quite young. If possible employ your travel agent to look for your Portugal airfares while you plan out your holiday activities and bask in the excitement of your upcoming holiday!

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