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Albufeira first evokes thoughts of blue Atlantic waters, rocky coves, great views and sandy beaches. Whitewashed buildings housing markets and shops line the streets and are full of memorabilia of the region. Albufeira is at the center of one of the great beach side tourist developments in Portugal. Albufeira was at one time a thriving fishing village where Portugal fishing flourished but now it is somewhat washed away by a tide of tourism and is now a major holiday resort in the southern region of Portugal.

When the sun sets in Albufeira things don’t slow down, they pick up the pace for evening nightlife, which is incredibly lively. Restaurants, bars and clubs fill up so much that people spill onto the narrow streets! From west to east there is a great selection of beaches to choose from in Albufeira. There are many things to do available to fill up your evenings. Dinner is an event itself and the Portugese take their time enjoying meals. Head to club for some dancing or try a more low key bar where you’ll be sure to meet other travelers. Evening strolls are a nice way to spend time as well.

Albufeira Old Town encompasses the historical points of interest in the area. The Bell Tower, which was erected in 1869 is a unique part of the parish-Church. A 28-meter staircase leads up to where the eight-bell carillon tops the tower. Another Albufeira Old Town sight is the 19th Clock Tower which was adorned with an iron crown which holds the bell that rings out hourly and is lit up during festivals. The best time to head to Old Town is in the morning. Beat the heat and the crowds all in one swoop and spend the hotter afternoon at one of the excellent Portugal beaches.

There are a number of chapels and churches with significant historical value in Old Town that are conveniently within walking distance from each other. Old castle walls, monuments and museums can all be seen in Old Town Albufeira as well as the Xorino Cave, a geological formation under the nearby cliffs in Old Town Albufeira which acted as a shelter for the Moors.

Albufeira ski holidays are of the wet and wild variety with jet skiing and waterskiing being the most popular of beachside activities. Albufeira ski holidays are a fun way to enjoy the ocean waters and get your blood racing! To the east of the town center lies Praia dos Pescadores or Fisherman’s Beach and Praia da Oura is only a few minutes away. Albufeira ski holidays are great because the sport is easy for all levels and the Portugal surf isn’t dangerous.

The best Albufeira ski holidays are found at Praia da Galé, the jet ski and water ski center of the town. The sandy beach encompasses many hotels perfect as a base for Albufeira ski holidays. This beach is comprised of a few handfuls of restaurants and bars and the nightlife is not as lively as other areas of the Algarve region.

Albufeira scuba diving is another popular activity among visitors. There are a number of PADI diving courses available in town for tourists looking to get a certificate while in Albufeira. Albufeira scuba diving can also be done by experienced divers on scuba trips offered by various companies. Portugal beaches are often a starting point for scuba diving after courses in the pool.

Albufeira scuba diving gives divers a chance to get up close and personal with the colorful reefs of the Algarve region and see lively underwater life such as octopuses and teams of cuttlefish. Schools of various vibrantly colored fish such as damsels and sea breams swim in the area as well as moray eels, a variety of underwater crabs, lobster and conger eels. There are artificial reefs, wrecks and reef wall dives available with Albufeira scuba diving.

After a long and fun day at the beach Albufeira offers up a fantastic roster of evening activity. Head back to your Albufeira hotel and prepare for a fun evening out. Along the main strip visitors will find lots of bars and restaurants to choose from spanning more than a mile. Excellent seafood, animated street scenes and live music define the nightlife for end-of-the-day entertainment in Albufeira.

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