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Portugal boasts many fine beaches, and scores of visitors understandably look to stay on or near the coastline. Summer is the peak travel season in Portugal, as the temperatures are warm and the beaches at their best. Should you be planning a summertime visit, then booking your Portugal oceanfront accommodation in advance is recommended. The Portugal beach hotels offer a lot in the way of variety, so finding one that fits your budget and preference should be an easy task. Some of the beach hotels in Portugal are upscale resorts, while others are relatively basic. For those on a tight budget, staying with a local family near the beach is worth considering. In destinations like the Azores Islands, for example, the main tourist offices can help tourists find a room at a local home.

When looking for beach lodging in Portugal, you don't have to limit yourself to the beach hotels. There are vacation rentals that deserve some consideration as well. Most of the beachfront vacation rentals in Portugal come in the form of apartments or condos, though home rentals are available as well if you need the added space. One of the best places to look for beach lodging in Portugal is the southern Algarve region. Home to towns like Lagos and Faro, the Algarve is also home to some of the country's most renowned beaches. Meia Praia and Praia da Rocha are two of the beaches that visitors flock to during the summer months, and there are plenty of hotels close to the sand. A few days on the beach, and you might be ready for a spa session. You can certainly pamper yourself at the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa (pictured), which can be found near the small town of Porches.

The Lagos hotels and the Faro hotels are worth checking out if you want to find accommodations near the beach in Portugal's Algarve region, and you'll also do well to keep Albufeira in mind, especially if you're up for some nightlife once the sun sets. The Algarve isn't the only place to look when searching for Portugal beach hotels, and Lisbon visitors will be happy to know that there are options near the capital as well. Cascais, which can be found between Lisbon and Sintra, is a popular place go near Lisbon when fun in the sun is the aim. A stay at the Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa is bound to please if you are interested in upscale beach hotels in Portugal. Another hotel on the Estoril Coast near Lisbon that you might add to your list is the Pestana Cascais, which is one of the best equipped beach hotels in the area.

Just south of Lisbon and across the Tagus River, the Costa da Caparica begins. This stretch of coast is very popular with Lisbon natives in the summertime, and it can make for an excellent base for visitors looking to stay near the sea. One of the best beach hotels in Costa da Caparica is the aptly named Hotel Costa da Caparica. You won't have to walk far to get your feet in the sand when staying at the Hotel Costa da Caparica, and the facilities cater to both leisure and business travelers. Heading north of Lisbon, travelers will find some good Portugal beach hotels that can meet their needs. If you want to be close to the dazzling city of Porto, then you might base yourself at the beach resort town of Espinho. Espinho hotels like the Hotel Apartamento Solverde and the Hotel Praia Golfe are relatively affordable and can be good places to hang out if are interested in affordable beach hotels in Portugal.

You don't have to stick to the mainland when searching for beach lodging in Portugal. Madeira Island can be an excellent destination if you want to get away from it all. While the island itself isn't renowned for its beaches, the Madeira Archipelago is also home to the island of Porto Santo, which is. Resting right on the stunning main beach on Porto Santo Island is the Pestana Porto Santo, which is one of the top-rated beach hotels in Portugal. Gardens abound on the ample grounds at this attractive resort, and two freestyle swimming pool areas help to add to the inviting setting. As for the Azores Islands, they boast a number of attractive beaches that you can kick back on. Some of the top Azores Islands hotels can be found on or near the sand, and they tend to be more affordable than those in the Madeira Archipelago if you are looking to save on rates.

You're never very far from the coast wherever you find yourself in Portugal, which is good news for beach lovers who are planning a Portugal escape. Even if you don't secure beach lodging in Portugal, you can always look to escape to the coast on the side. For those who do choose to stay at one of the beach hotels in Portugal, heading inland at some point to explore destinations like Evora and Viseu is highly recommended. Portugal has something for everyone, and while spending most of your time on the beach isn't a bad way to go, there are other spectacular attractions that deserve some attention as well.

Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica

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