Cycling in Portugal

Cycling in Portugal is ideal, thanks to the country's scenic terrain, its wealth of historic attractions, and its picturesque rivers. For those who are serious about biking, extended Portugal cycling holidays are bound to please. If you are just interested in doing some Portugal cycling on the side, there are plenty of opportunities for that as well. Ancient byways, medieval towns, and wooded paths are just some of the things that you can explore on two wheels in Portugal, and mountain biking trails abound if you are interested in taking them on.

Bicycling tours in Portugal can be enjoyed year round, and they can be either guided or unguided. If you're planning on enjoying an unguided bike ride in Portugal, you can rent a bicycle if you don't already have one. The southern Algarve region is one of the best places to go if you want to enjoy some cycling in Portugal, thanks largely in part to the fact that many of the region's country roads have been remade. You'll also find one of the longest cycling routes in the country down here. Should you be up for a long ride when it comes to Portugal cycling, taking on the Ecovia do Litoral is worth considering. This route across the Algarve extends for nearly 130 miles, and plans are in the works to extend it all the way to the border of Spain. Secondary roads and delightful urban paths comprise the Ecovia do Litoral, which is one of the Algarve's newest attractions.

When mountain biking in Portugal is your aim, the towns of Monchique and Tavira are among the best starting points in the Algarve. Should you be hanging out in central Portugal, then Sintra and Setubal are where you might begin your day. Up north, the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres is arguably the top place to mountain bike. For those who prefer easier trails, more and more of them seem to be added every year. In the northern region, you can cruise along the Minho River, and a trip along the Douro River is also worth keeping in mind. The Douro River cuts through one of the country's best wine regions, and there are guided bike tours that stop at wineries if you want to sample the local product.

Portugal cycling holidays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you shouldn't have trouble planning one that is ideal for you. When booking your Portugal cycling vacation, you can contact a local agency and opt for a guided excursion or choose a self-guided experience if you prefer. Various cycling companies and local tourist offices can supply you with maps and suggested routes if you want to go it alone. If you prefer booking a guide when it comes to cycling in Portugal, the options are numerous. Portugal cycling holidays that include a guide are designed for all levels of riders, and having someone with you who knows the terrain can be a big plus. Regardless of whether you go with a guide or not, your Portugal cycling package can not only include your bicycle rental, but your accommodations and meals as well.

Cycling in Portugal is popular, as it is in much of Europe, and if you're interested in cycling-related events, the Volta da Portugal is sure to please. One of the oldest cycling events on the continent, this ten-stage race takes place in August and draws in scores of spectators. There's something for everyone when it comes to Portugal cycling, and even if you aren't a cycling enthusiast, you're bound to have a blast on two wheels here. Just remember to let some air out of your tires when taking on the cobbled streets in some of the country's more historical destinations. Otherwise, you'll be in for an extra bumpy ride.

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