Convent of Christ in Tomar

Known by many, the warriors of Knights of Templar were controversial and very powerful. Though their oath swore them to live in poverty, many gifts and donations were bestowed upon the order and were not refused. The resources were used to build on land given to them by various people. They became extremely wealthy and so powerful that they came to demise after being accused of heresy.

During that period, an accusation of heresy required the stripping of all assets to Philip IV, King of France, needing resources for his war with England for transportation and weaponry. He also feared their growing power and wanted to put a stop to it and in 1307, he did just that by accusing the Knights of Templar of dissidence. They were accused of more than 100 charges including devil worship and the denying of Christ during initiation rituals. There were confessions induced by torture, which many believed and others didn’t.

The Knights Templar history is varied and extremely interesting. Though the original order of the Knights of Templar fell, the order continued to live on in secrecy and there are modern-day members of the longstanding order today. The Convent of Christ in Tomar has a great significance in Portugal history such as Torre de Belem and Saint Roch Church do, defining interesting parts of the past. Though there were numerous myths regarding the Knights of Templar, the fact remains that they were a fascinating organization, which was originally based on inherent goodness.

The Convent of Christ in Tomar is the combination of a castle and a convent used in Knights Templar history. The convent was added later as an extension to the castle, which began construction in 1160. The history of the Convent of Christ in Tomar denotes that the land on which the castle was built and had been given to the Order of the Knights of Templar in exchange for their support against the Moors.

Outside, the Convent of Christ in Tomar appears as a massive, fortress-like castle. The entrance is a small, well-hidden door, which upon entering, overcomes many visitors with its richness. This one of the Knights Templar locations seized to be used by the men after their dissolve in 1312. Transportation to the convent by train from Fatima, Nazare or Batalha is a 30 to 45 minute ride. The train ride from Lisbon is over two hours each way so going by car is the best choice. Admission is 4.50 Euros but check before purchasing tickets. Allow at least two hours to explore the historic church.

The Knights Templar is an organization dedicated to fraternal friendship based solely on integrity and honor guarding many secrets, including the Holy Grail. To focus on mind and spirit as one, in Knights Templar history they would meditate twice daily and before each battle. They utilized sacred symbol and geometry in their rituals and ceremonies and truly believed in the brotherhood of mankind. Today, the Knights Templar of Britannia live by the identical code of honor of Knights Templar history.

Well stocked financial resources as well as a military mission drove the Templar to fund many building endeavors around the Holy Land and Europe. The best known of Knights Templar locations is Temple Mount in Jerusalem and scientific research confirms that indeed they had built their base there. Many of these buildings still stand today. Some Templar locations include many areas in Provence and France. Other Knights Templar locations associated with the order include the city of Acre in Israel, the island fortress of Arwad, Tartus and the Chastel Blanc, all found in Syria.

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