Costa da Caparica

Just across the Tagus River from the capital city of Lisbon, the Costa da Caparica begins. While an eponymous town can be found along this coveted stretch of coast, it's the miles of beaches that bring visitors in. You can find ample tourist amenities and facilities in the town of Costa da Caparica, which lends to the destination's popularity as a getaway hot spot. Summertime is when most when people flock to the Costa da Caparica beaches, and these beaches can get pretty crowded, thanks to their proximity to Lisbon. The further south you head, the more likely you are to find less crowded beaches, though these beaches can also be more liberal, and nudity is common at some of them.

Cascais is another popular beach destination near Lisbon, and while it's a great place to enjoy some fun in the sun, the beaches there tend to be more crowded than they are along the Costa da Caparica. Even though the Costa da Caparica beaches aren't far from Lisbon, they remain relatively unpolluted, which is one of the reasons why you'll do well to head here when beach time is what you have in mind. Dunes more or less separate the various beaches that can be found along the Costa da Caparica, and wooden beach bars are available in spots if you want to get some refreshments. You won't have to drive up and down the coast if you want to visit more than one beach on your summertime Costa da Caparica vacation. During the peak season for travel to Costa da Caparica, a small train shuttles passengers up and down the coast, offering twenty different stops along the way.

During the peak season for travel to Costa da Caparica, the hotels here can fill up fast, so it's always a good idea to book ahead if possible. Some of the Costa da Caparica beaches are filled with beachgoers during the summer months, as the coastal waters are usually prime for bathing. When the waves are up, you're bound to see plenty of surfers plying their trade up and down the coast. Surfing is one of the most popular things to do at the Portugal beaches, and it's no different here. In addition to regular surfing, you can also go windsurfing on your Costa da Caparica vacation. On the southern edge of Costa da Caparica, a wind-surfing school offers lessons.

If you're heading down to the southern side of Costa da Caparica, you'll find Lagoa da Albufeira, which is surrounded by pine forests. There's also a campsite at Lagoa da Albufeira if you want to pass on the Costa da Caparica hotels or stay close to the wind-surfing school. Enjoying water sports activities doesn't have to be part of your Costa da Caparica vacation. Simply kicking back and soaking up some rays is always a good way to go. Only a few miles from Costa da Caparica, an array of quality golf courses can be found if you want to take a break from the beach routine. The newer Aroeira Course is just one of the courses that golfers are bound to enjoy.

Formerly a fishing village, Costa da Caparica is now primarily a summer resort for Lisbon natives. Fishing is still popular here, as it is throughout the country, and locals still peddle the day's catches on the town streets. If you don't feel like preparing your own seafood, there are a variety of restaurants in town that can take care of that for you. An ample amount of bars can also be found in town, so you'll have no trouble getting a drink. When you're not enjoying time on the beach, heading out for a round of golf, or dining on fresh seafood during your Costa da Caparica vacation, you can always head up to the sixteenth century Capuchin Monastery for a look around. It sits on cliffs high above town.

As for getting to Costa da Caparica, buses run between Lisbon and Caparica town in the high season. Year round ferry transport is available as well. For those who are renting a car in Lisbon, a short drive across the suspension bridge that passes over the Tagus River will have you here in no time. The Costa da Caparica beaches are spectacular, so you're sure to enjoy your visit regardless of how you choose to arrive.

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