Douro River Cruise

One of Europe’s most beautiful and unspoiled rivers is the Douro in Portugal. A Douro River cruise is an exciting way to see some more of the area and offers many things to do for passengers. The river snakes through the north of Portugal westward all the way to the ocean and the captivating city of Porto. A Douro River cruise blends untouched rustic towns and villages and ambrosial views with the chance to see Salamanca and Porto on longer cruises. An extended Douro River cruise may also offer the opportunity to visit cultural centers, pilgrimage spots, reconditioned palaces and many popular port wine vineyards.

When aboard a cruise Douro River Portugal offers a pleasant journey that takes guests along dramatic vistas, through breathtaking gorges, alongside quiet fishing villages, many vineyards, and peaceful countryside. When hoping to cruise Douro River Portugal visitors can find short excursions or days-long cruises encompassing a week long and more. This type of transportation is favored and there are many boats filled with amenities perfect for a few days on the water.

At one time, known for its fast waters the “Rabelas” used to take barrels of wine down from the vineyards to port wine houses around Vila Nova de Gaia across from Porto. On a longer cruise Douro River Portugal can be fully appreciated for all its beauty. There are many interesting stops along the way giving tourists a chance to explore more of the country’s river sides.

Douro River trips can also be taken as day trips and last about seven hours. The trips vary in price so check before booking but it’s possible to find a day trip for as little as 45 Euros. Douro River trips can also be taken for two days at a greater cost. Taking a trip during the week is also much cheaper than weekend dates. Doze in the deck chairs, take photographs of the historic riverbanks and enjoy a terrific meal aboard complete with the region’s famous port wine.

When planning a cruise there are several different vehicles offered for Douro River trips. It’s possible to take a trip on a hotel boat for longer trips or classic boats and mini yachts. The bigger boats for day cruises normally offer lots of onboard amenities such as restrooms, sun decks and restaurants with dining areas. On some of the longer trips there might be events such as live music. Hotel boats offer many different cruises which can be found in several price ranges. Six day Douro River trips can be found for as low as 520 Euros during the summer depending on the size of the boat so check pricing before booking.

The Douro valley is a magnificent sight with hills sloping gently toward the water. The further inland the cruise goes the more wild the country side becomes and less people are seen. Many beautiful olive groves and vineyard terraces can be seen. Established in 1756, the Douro valley is home to the world’s first defined wine regions where the land was split into sections long ago. The hillsides display large announcements for famous wine companies in the area.

Land along the Douro valley changes colors throughout the year as the vines ripen. In February and throughout March the fantastic weather brings out the years first picnickers and the almond trees come into bloom, offering sweeping blankets of white and pink scattered everywhere. The heat of the summer seems to subside when aboard a cruise and enjoying the breeze on the water A cruise along the Douro River is the perfect way to see more of northern Portugal and witness daily Portugese life along the river banks.

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