Fatima Portugal

Fatima Portugal is best known for the famous apparitions that took place there in 1917 history. More than 80 miles north of Lisbon in west central Portugal, the small town is one of the most visited Marian shrines in the world today. In the years of 1916 and 1917 a series of apparitions was seen by three young children and drew thousands upon thousands of people who yearned to see the Virgin Mary themselves.

Fatima and the Three Little Shepherds is a common name for Fatima tours aimed at those who wish to visit the religious monument of the Shrine of Our Lady. Fatima tours most often depart from Lisbon and head north to Fatima but Fatima tours departing from within the city are easily found as well. Transportation is often aboard a comfortable bus that has good view of the landscape through the large windows when on route.

Tours vary in the order of things to do but most religious tours encompass the same elements of the Sanctuary of Fatima where the tombstones of the three young visionaries lie. The heart of the Shrine called the Chapel of Apparitions is a beloved stop on Fatima tours. Other Fatima tours offer trips to the beautiful walled city of Obidos and its picturesque streets as well as the colorful fishing village of Nazare. The city of Alcobaca is situated between the valleys and rivers it has flourished along.

Fatima tourism revolves around the apparitions and is the main reason Fatima tourism has grown so much since the 20th century. Things to do in Fatima are fairly limited but there are definitely points of interest in the area. Fatima tourism also includes a trip to the Batalha Monastery, a breathtaking Gothic style church which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Construction on this awe-inspiring church lasted from 1388-1533! Fatima tourism is not complete without a visit to this colossal and magnificent building.

Fatima travel to Nazare is a good choice when in the area. A nearby drive drive from Fatima travel to Nazare and see what this old fishing village is about. A thriving Portugal fishing movement once drove the town’s economy here. Divided into three parts Nazare consists of the old city center of Pederneira, the beaches called Praya and Sitio which are built on a rock over 100 meters above the village. The main boulevard is dotted with restaurants and bars great for an afternoon meal. Fatima travel to Nazare is a good choice and the Portugal beaches in the area tend to be more quiet than many others.

Fatima Portugal tours are a great way to see the city and surrounding area without feeling too scattered. Fatima Portugal tours are often chosen so tourists don’t have to drive in areas that aren’t close enough in proximity to avoid confusion! Fatima Portugal tours get extremely busy around the only two times of year the city is flooded, May 13 and October 13 which are thought to be spiritually magical.

Unless it is an important religious trip for you, avoid Fatima Portugal tours around May and October as things get really hectic and your Fatima Portugal tour will not have a relaxed feel to it. When travelers leave after their pilgrimages, the streets in Fatima empty right out and Fatima hotels are much easier to find. Shopping and dining become much more enjoyable and relaxing and transportation for hire is much more convenient to access. Aside from the pilgrimages Fatima offers a fantastic backdrop to an interesting and rejuvenating holiday.

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