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Lisbon Portugal is a popular destination and flights are readily available for travelers. When looking for cheap flights to Lisbon from the UK, London is usually a good bet. From London flights can be found for as little as 60 Euros at certain times of the year. British Airways, Iberia Air and TAP Air Portugal are just some of the airlines that offer cheap flights to Lisbon. Booking ahead is definitely one way to find an affordable flight as is booking last minute if flexible with dates and times. When your flight is secured and your Lisbon hotel is arranged you’re off to the races!

Lisbon tourism can be enjoyed year-round and has an average temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Lisbon travel is the best in the summer time if planning to revel in the warmth of Portugal shores and experience the coast at its best. This is also a good place to enjoy surfing in Portugal. Lisbon tourism peaks in the summer months so it’s best to book accommodations well ahead. Also keep in mind that cheap flights to Lisbon are not as easy to find during the summer. With winter comes the cooler weather but off season prices make Lisbon vacations very affordable.

If choosing Lisbon travel in spring note that the weather is still warm but can be rainy. Rain is sporadic and unpredictable but it doesn’t truly impede on a trip to Lisbon. There is plenty to do indoors while the rains pass. Transportation is readily available to take you where you want to go. Take a ride on one of the old trams and see the history of the city reveal itself along the ride. Jump off in the fabulous shopping district of Chiado and browse and shop to your heart’s delight.

Visit gardens in bloom, take in monuments and relish in the agreeable climate. When in Lisbon visit the many museums in the city. The Gulbenkian Museum has an incredible collection of art. Art lovers should also visit the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art during Lisbon travel. The National Azulejo Museum, or Tile Museum, should be visited during Lisbon vacations. It has a wonderful collection of religious, decorative tiles many which were made in Lisbon Portugal.

Discover the city’s narrow streets and many barrio’s, or quarters, that have made Lisbon tourism famous. With over 20 centuries of history Lisbon travel offers guests a look back into the past that shaped the country. The old quarters of Mouraria and Castelo are perfect for interesting day trips. Lisbon travel is excellent in June as the streets come refreshingly alive with feats that honor patron saints. People come out in festive moods and walk through medieval streets celebrating. Alfama is also a great area to celebrate in at this time of year. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions and one of the oldest quarters of the city.

Lisbon vacations should include a walk to the Tagus River where there are a variety of leisure areas and historical monuments to see. Here you can view the Torre de Belem in all her glory and get great views of the city. A short walk from the tower is the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos which is a highlight of Lisbon tourism. This historic monastery’s architecture and mere presence awe people during Lisbon vacations. When in this area of Lisbon travel to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and view impressive antique art pieces.

Take a walk to the Moorish Sao Jorge Castle and see breathtaking views of the city below. Lisbon vacations along the coast offer fine sandy beaches at Estoril and Cascais as well as old fishing villages such as Sesimbra. For a beautiful nautical view hop on a boat ride along the Tagus or Sado and watch Lisbon life from the sea.

For excellent nightlife during Lisbon travel. head over to Bairro Alto and soak in the music drifting through the streets. At night some shops open their doors and divulge small bars and restaurants perfect if you’re not into the clubbing scene. In the smaller bars there is more of an opportunity to meet locals personally and maybe even learn some of the secrets of the city!

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