Oceanario de Lisboa

Lisbon’s newest and most modern quarter of Parque das Nacoes is actually the most fitting for the Oceanario de Lisboa. This is one of the Lisbon sights that kids love best. Transportation to the Oceanario can be had by Lisbon’s convenient metro. Take the metro to Oriente, which is the red line, and walk through the Vasco da Gama shopping mall. Consider stopping on the way back for some great city shopping! Once through the mall turn right and continue walking for about five minutes until you arrive.

The cost is 9 Euros per adult, 5 Euros for seniors, 4.50 Euros for ages 4 to 12 children under 3 are free. Check prices before purchasing tickets as they are subject to change. Visit the Oceanario between 10:00am and 8:pm Monday to Sunday and until 7:00pm in the winter months. Dining is available at the café inside. Upon deciding when to go keep in mind that the early afternoon can be quite busy. Mornings are usually least crowded.

Visitors will be amazed as they wander through one of the world’s most famous aquariums. The aquarium is inhabited by over 16,000 plants and animals that represent over 450 distinct species. A journey through the Oceanario de Lisboa leaves visitors awestruck by the vast amount of amazing aquatic life. The different species can be watched from various levels to see the coastal and underwater habitats.

A unique feature of the aquarium is in the fact that each of the world’s four coastal habitats, with their distinct biotypes, are recreated in the Oceanario de Lisboa four corner towers. When combining these four elements, an ideal representation of the complete ocean environment is created. When at the Oceanario Lisbon shows a side that isn’t often seen. Creatures from its flourishing waters abound with underwater life from around the world.

The Oceanario is the largest aquarium in Europe. There is only one aquarium that is bigger and that’s the Osaka Aquarium in Japan. Interestingly the architect who built the aquarium in Japan is the same architect, named Peter Chermayeff, who built this Lisbon sights facility. The biggest draw of the aquarium is the massive, central tank inside that is home to many ocean species such as sharks, tuna and large groupers. When visiting the Oceanario Lisbon and its old quarters seem distant from the aquariums modern architecture and magical quality.

The Oceanario also has special events and features such as the “Backstage Tour” which is a 45 minute tour led by a marine educator that takes visitors to areas where the public does not normally get to see. This tour shows how the staff get in and out of the huge tanks skillfully and without getting eaten! It also shows how the different species are fed and cared for. There are many other educational and fun things to do for kids as well as adults!

There is a large variety of species here including birds, fish, mammals, cnidaria and many other marine organisms. The exhibits inside epitomize flora and fauna from the Antarctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The only negative criticism of the Oceanario Lisbon scientists and others scientists around the globe have is that the species that are grouped together inside the tanks would never actually meet in the reality of the ocean.

This Lisbon sights excellently situated by a cloistered and serene body of water. It sits centrally and is a fantastic display when carefully lit up at night. This is one of the most favored Lisbon attractions in contemporary Parque das Nacoes. Other attractions in the area include the Atlantic Pavilion which is located next door to the aquarium and hosts a variety of events during the year. To the south is the Teatro Luis de Camoes, a theater which hosts beautiful classical concerts. There are several other Lisbon sights in the area and strolling around Parque das Nacoes allows a look at the excellent contrast between the old part of the city and the new.

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