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Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, and it is also the country's largest city. As such, it can be a little overwhelming to visit. Thankfully, Lisbon tours abound, and they are ideal for those who want to get a grasp on the city's main attractions. Sightseeing tours in Lisbon come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can last the whole day or just a few hours. Lisbon walking tours are among the most popular tours in town, and if you don't book a guide, you won't have to pay anything to enjoy them. Booking Lisbon tours is made easy by the fact that there are plenty of tour companies here, and you can always stop by the city's main tourist office at the Palacio da Foz if you need help arranging rewarding excursions.

Whether you enjoy half-day or full-day tours of Lisbon, the rates are likely to be more than reasonable, which is part of the reason why tours in the capital city are so popular. For those who are interested in sightseeing tours in Lisbon, a morning or afternoon excursion should fit on the itinerary, even if you're short on time. You can also book full day tours if you have time to spare. Whether you book half day sightseeing tours in Lisbon or full day affairs, some of the attractions that you're bound to visit include the Tower of Belem, the Jeronimos Monastery, and the Coach Museum, among others. Often times, a wine tasting session figures on the itinerary when it comes to the organized Lisbon tours, which is a nice plus for wine enthusiasts.

The full-day sightseeing tours in Lisbon not only highlight some of the main Lisbon attractions, but they also tend to feature trips to other nearby destinations, such as Fatima and Sintra. Fatima is perhaps best known for its impressive Sanctuary of Our Lady church. Sintra offers some interesting historic attractions of its own, and it also boasts some fine beaches and some excellent hiking opportunities. Lunch is sometimes provided on the full-day sightseeing tours in Lisbon, and if your tour doesn't supply the food, it will at least give you some free time to grab something to eat on your own.

Sightseeing in and around Lisbon is a joy, and if you want to stick to the city environs, then Lisbon walking tours can be ideal. Lisbon is ideal for walking tours, and you can duck into any number of interesting neighborhoods to check out the local scene. Alfama is a neighborhood that you won't want to leave off your list when planning Lisbon walking tours, and you'll do well to climb to the top of the Miradouro de Santa Luzia on your Alfama visit. This belvedere offers some good views of the neighborhood and its border along the Tagus River. Lisbon walking tours can be guided or unguided, and they are bound to please, thanks largely in part to the city's historical significance.

In addition to booking a guided bus or car tour, or treating yourself to a walking tour, you can also take to the water when it comes to the Lisbon tours. A Tagus River sightseeing cruise can be both informative and relaxing, and the panoramic views of the Parque das Nacoes are worth the price alone. While some of the Lisbon tours feature a relatively short wine tasting session, those who are really interested in Portugal wine can always book a special wine tour. The Bucelas wine region is where you're likely to head on your Lisbon wine tour, and it's an ideal destination if you want to sample some excellent wine and learn about wine producing methods. France and Italy might get most of the attention when it comes to European wine tours, but Portugal has made a name for itself as well in the industry. There are even Lisbon tours that highlight some of the local food favorites, and you can bet that fresh seafood is often featured.

Booking a tour in Lisbon that fits your taste and preference is easy. Don't forget to add at least one tour to the itinerary on your Lisbon visit. It will only add extra depth to your travel experience, and is bound to figure among the highlights of your Portugal vacation.

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