Meia Praia

When plenty of time on the beach is what you have in mind for your Portugal vacation, then you could hardly ask for a better destination than the Algarve. This southern coastal region is renowned for its beaches, one of the best of which is Meia Praia. At just under three miles long, this Blue Flag beach in Lagos is ideal for strolls, and thanks to its mostly calm water conditions, the swimming is also very good. For those who don't know, a Blue Flag beach is essentially a beach that has been recognized for its quality, which has a lot to do with the cleanliness of the water. On your Meia Praia Lagos escape, you can expect the water to be clean, and come the summer months, it's pretty warm as well. Because the beach is so long, there's room for everybody, even during the peak summer travel season.

Meia Praia beach translates to Half Beach in English, which hints at its rounded shape. This inviting and sandy stretch, which starts near old town Lagos, curves around a bay and extends over to the Alvor River and Alvor Beach. The huge natural bay that is formed here provides protection from the rougher seas farther out, which is why the water conditions tend to be calm. Thanks to the calm water conditions, this Blue Flag beach in Lagos is ideal for families. It's also ideal for anybody else who is looking to enjoy some fun in the sun in the Algarve. Many visitors flock to Meia Praia to enjoy the recreational sporting opportunities, which include paragliding, beach volleyball, and sailing. Beachfront bars add substance to the scene, as do a number of snack bars and restaurants, so getting a drink or something good to eat is never a problem. The bars and restaurants here tend to stay open into the night, so you don't have to leave after you enjoy the stunning sunsets.

If you're interested in enjoying some water sports during a summertime visit to Meia Praia Lagos, the eastern end of the beach is the place to go to rent equipment. Surfing and body boarding are some of the water sports that you might try. As for the western end of Meia Praia, it's where naturists tend to gather, so if you're not a fan of public nudity, you'll likely want to avoid that side. Even if you don't consider yourself a naturist, the more relaxed setting on the western side of the beach can prove tempting. You can access this beautiful Blue Flag beach in Lagos at several access points, and ample parking is available if you are planning on renting a car.

When the skies are clear on your Meia Praia Lagos visit, you'll be able to spot Sagres, which is a town in Algarve. The expansive views are just part of what make Meia Praia a Blue Flag beach. The town of Lagos is one of the best places to look if you are searching for lodging near Meia Praia. Some of the Lagos hotels are very affordable, including the Carvi Hotel, for example, and you can also book a stay at a vacation rental if you please. A well equipped apartment near the beach is bound to please, especially if you want your own private kitchen. Wherever you decide to stay near Meia Praia, chances are good that you won't want to leave once it comes time to go.

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