Portugal Fishing

Fishing in Portugal is a treasured pastime many anglers take quite seriously. It is normal to see people eating fish twice daily in the country which provides evidence that waters are stocked full of fish. Two main types of fishing are utilized in the country including fresh water and ocean fishing. Fresh water fishing in Portugal is the less popular of the two and not many make the trip for this type of angling.

A fishing license is necessary and it’s possible to rent equipment and take a few days for some fresh water fishing. Certain restrictions apply regarding the different seasons and maximum allowances so be sure to find out about them. The season for fresh water fishing in Portugal is from April through November and it’s possible to catch salmon, trout, barbel, largemouth bass and more.

Carp fishing in Portugal is enjoyed by many anglers. This is a quickly growing sport and the waters are excellent to fish in. There are many escorted carp fishing trips available for visitors. The Alentejo region is an excellent area for carp fishing in Portugal and the waters are full of well-conditioned carp. For roughly 280 pounds each angler can take a one week escorted trip with accommodation. Be sure to check pricing carefully.

Often some meals are provided on longer trips and usually the guide will take care of licensing, equipment, transportation and bait. Some will even cook the morning breakfast. Carp fishing in Portugal offers some of the best freshwater fishing in Europe. Best of all with carp fishing in Portugal anglers get great weather and scenery, friendly guides and lot of things to do for non-fishing family and friends.

Portugese fishing boats used for trips vary in size depending on the type of trip being taken. Traditional fishing boats of Portugal are colorfully painted and usually hold four people with equipment comfortably. Many fishing boats of Portugal have inboard diesel engines and more 300 horsepower engines and higher. Many yachts act as sport fishing vehicles and can accommodate many people though tour guides don’t like to over crowd their boats leaving space for those to fish in comfort and also space to reel in the monster catches! On the bigger fishing boats of Portugal there is usually space for spectators who prefer to watch the excitement rather than be a part of it directly.

When it comes to serious angling, most people forget the freshwater and head out for some deep sea fishing in Portugal. The ocean that surrounds Cape St. Vincent and the Sagres peninsula where the chilly Atlantic water currents meet the warm Mediterranean tributaries provide some of the best fishing in all of Europe. From well-equipped boats with fishing harnesses and chairs anglers can catch a variety of big game including swordfish, marlin, corvina and tuna.

A day’s trip for deep sea fishing in Portugal tends to run from roughly 9am to 4pm and often includes lunch for roughly 50 to 60 Euros per person but get details on pricing before booking. Half day trips for deep sea fishing in Portugal are also offered by many different companies and are normally more than half of a full day cost. Lagos remains a popular spot from which to secure a trip.

There are many varieties of fishing trips available depending on how long and what anglers are looking to catch. In most coastal towns and villages there are many companies to choose from and even some locals will take a person or two out for an afternoon of fishing for a small cost. Know what you’re looking for and check as many resources as possible so you can enjoy the best fishing trip possible.

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