Portugal Surfing

A mild climate and solid surf with seaside breezes blowing in most mornings makes Portugal one of the popular things to do and a surf destination for surfers outside and inside of Europe. Portugal surfing offers a great variety of swell sizes and waves which make it an ideal surfing hotspot ideal for surfers of all abilities.

Portugal surfing is also great because of its situation west of Spain. It picks up south, north and west swells bestwoing the area with consistent conditions which is one thing surfers love about Portugal surfing. When to go is a question often asked. In the winter months the waves can reach around six feet in height and in other areas the waves reach up to 15 feet providing a challenge for those more adept. Portugal surfing in the summer will provide waves roughly three to five feet in size.

There are about seven regions which are best to surf Portugal. These regions run all along the west coast of the country and slip just under the southern tip of Algarve. In each region there are numerous different spots to surf Portugal. Up north in the Porto surfing area there are 18 specifics spots great for surfing. Eight spots are great for beginners to surf Portugal.

Portugal surf can be found south of Porto in Leira where there is the largest expanse of coastline with conditions catering to surfing. Going further south down the coast there are the surfing areas of Peniche and Ericeira and then on to Lisbon. This is a popular place to surf, not only because of the great Portugal surf conditions but also because of all that the capital has to offer. Surfers don’t often surf at night and need something to do! Beginners can surf the breakwater and jetty while intermediate surfers can catch waves at the beachbreaks and pointbreaks. There is some wicked expert Portugal surf at the rivermouth

Many people aim to learn to surf in Portugal while on holiday and it’s a great place to learn with many companies offering packages and lessons. At the peninsula at Peniche in northern Portugal along the coast, the surf conditions are extremely consistent because of it’s north and south facing coastline making it a fantastic place to learn to surf in Portugal. Peniche Surfcamp is a popular camp that offers one and two weeks of surfing.

Depending on the season between 306 and 430 Euros will pay for 5 days of lessons at 2 sessions per day less than 50 meters from the beach. Also included is seven nights of accommodation in the camp (less than 50 meters from the beach), 2 video sessions, surfboard and wetsuit, full insurance and wireless internet access. There are also daily classes and packages not including lessons for those who want to stay in the area but are already experienced surfers.

For those wanting to learn to surf in Portugal there are several camps in the Lisbon area as well as other parts of Portugal such as Algarve. Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment. The best thing about many of the surf camps is that everything you will need for the week or two is included with the exception of meals but some camps provide meals as well. Learning to surf from an expert can be exactly the guidance beginners need rather than learning on their own. It promises one thing as well, that they can take future vacations to Portugal and surf on their own!

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