Portugal Vacation Rentals

When looking for Portugal vacation rentals first decide what area you would like to visit. There are vacation rentals available literally all over the country so narrowing it down to an area or region makes it easier to find a property. Northern Portugal is a fantastic location for Portugal vacation rentals. The Douro Valley is a beautiful area to explore and there are lots of things to do and see. Some rentals will provide guest with breathtaking views of the natural valley.

Many Portugese vacation rentals are typical Portugese houses including such things as numerous bedrooms, satellite TV, complete bathroom, and often times a balcony or terrace which is very typical of Portugese architecture. Vacation rentals in Portugal will offer guests the amenities needed to continue with daily life as most people fly into the region and only carry regular luggage with them. Some opt for rentals near Lisbon providing beach access as well as the excitement of city life.

Normally kitchens come fully equipped and things such as linens and towels are included making a stay convenient and comfortable. Frills for vacation rentals in Portugal can include things such as outdoor pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzi, gardens, outdoor lounges, outdoor grills and fantastic scenery. Many rentals are available near or on Portugal beaches as well providing an aquatic playground.

Unless you choose to enlist the help of a travel agent to find vacation rentals in Portugal the alternative is to find a property through the internet. This can be a great way to peruse properties and see details included in the rental. Pictures are most often included so potential renters can view the property from many different angles from the interior as well as the exterior.

Portugal vacation rentals are provided through reputable rental agencies as well as from private home owners looking to rent their property. Be wary of properties offered online that don’t provide photos or only provide a few. This can be a way to mislead people into thinking a property is something it’s not.

Ample photographic coverage of vacation rentals in Portugal provide the best way to view a location when not in the area. Deposits are often asked for in advance so be absolutely sure before proving monetary compensation When searching online try to find sites that offer unbiased reviews from previous holiday goers. Much like a hotel review this is a great way to get imperative information. It can also be a great way to learn more about what’s good and what’s not about a property. Maps are also most often provided so guests can see exactly where the Portugal vacation rental is located. Phone numbers are also provided or sent via e-mail so potential renters can have direct contact with the property owner or manager.

A Portugal vacation rental in the Algarve region is a popular way to spend a holiday without being in a very tourist driven resort or hotel. Prices for a Portugal vacation rental vary greatly. First the price will depend on what time of year you plan to visit. When to go will depend on what you’d like to do. Summer months are often the most expensive. November to March can offer more affordable rates as can April and May. Major events can also drive prices up.

Prices can range anywhere from 500 Euros to thousands of Euros for a weekly Portugal vacation rental. Properties vary from simple Portugese-style homes to affluent and luxurious rentals and anywhere in between. Since the entire west side of Portugal is comprised of coastline there are many beach front rentals available from north to south as well as inland in the countryside.

The best advice is to do a lot of research when looking for a Portugal vacation rental. Check prices in different seasons if you’re a bit more flexible with holiday time. If not familiar with the country than be sure to research the different regions and what they have to offer before making a decision. There are a wealth of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of and a Portugal vacation rental can be a fabulous way to spend some time away from home.

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