Praia da Luz

Finding a good Beach near Lagos Portugal isn't hard. Here in the southern Algarve region, idyllic beaches abound, and one of the best is Praia da Luz. This beach and resort community is just a few miles west of Lagos, which is one of the larger towns in the Algarve. It offers plenty of soft, golden sand, an array of vacation rentals, a healthy collection of bars, and a complete mix of restaurants. Life is easy in Praia da Luz, as it's all about fun in the sun, and there's more than enough to do in the area when you're not soaking up some rays. There are a bunch of good hotels near Praia da Luz, and nearby Lagos is one of the better places to look if you need lodging.

Summer is when most people choose to enjoy a Praia da Luz vacation, as the weather is hot and the Atlantic Ocean waters are most inviting. The bulk of the Praia da Luz visitors come from other European countries, such as England and Germany, and many northern Europeans have even decided to call the resort home. It's not hard to see why some people end up investing in real estate after enjoying a Praia da Luz vacation. The gently curving beach that is always but a short walk away from any point in town is about as good as a beach can be.

Not too big, not too small, Praia da Luz beach is actually two beaches in one. There is the sandy western side and the rocky eastern side. Regardless of which side you decide to hang out on, the water will be clean and clear, which is part of the reason why this beach near Lagos is a Blue Flag beach. Blue Flag beaches meet stringent requirements that have to do with overall quality, and while neighboring Spain boasts the most, Portugal is not devoid of its fair share. Another Blue Flag beach that you can enjoy during your Praia da Luz vacation is Meia Praia, which is known for its relatively calm water conditions.

Like Meia Praia, Praia da Luz is usually a good Beach to go swimming at. At times, the surf kicks up, however, making the conditions more ideal for surfing and body boarding. For those who are new to surfing, several groups offer surfing lessons and excursions that are designed for all levels. The eastern side of the beach, which is backed by the cliffs of Rocha Negra, or Black Rock, is usually better for surfing. If you need to rent some water sports equipment during your Praia da Luz vacation, there are a couple of rental centers here that have everything you'll need. When a lot of activity isn't part of the plan, you might just rent an umbrella and some beach chairs and call it a day.

In addition to hanging out at scenic beach, your Praia da Luz vacation can see you visiting a historic church and an even more historic Roman archaeological site. The church of Nossa Senhora da Luz may have been damaged in 1755, thanks to the Lisbon earthquake, though it was lovingly restored using contributions from locals. While it's a relatively simple church as far as the design is concerned, it's worth a look, especially when the doors are open to the public. As for the Roman archaeological site, it can be found near the eastern side of the beach and features remnants from fish salting tanks and bathing complexes. Various Roman remnants can actually be found in and around Luz, and they include mosaic-tiled floors, the remnants of an aqueduct, and some stone walls.

Walking along the pedestrian promenade that backs the beach, organizing a scuba diving session, and shopping for souvenirs are just some of the other things that you can do on your Praia da Luz vacation. As for finding a place to stay, there are more than enough hotels near Praia da Luz, and vacation rentals are in good number. One of the advantages to staying at a vacation rental property is the fact that you will most likely have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. For those who prefer staying at one of the hotels near Praia da Luz, the Hotel Palm Bay and the Luna Luz Bay Club Hotel offer good rooms at a good price, not to mention some relatively comprehensive facilities.

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