Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is one of the best beaches in Portugal's southern Algarve region, which is saying quite a lot for a region that is brimming with idyllic stretches of sand. The Praia da Rocha in Algarve Portugal is a vast beach, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a place to set up on the sand even during the busier summer months. Summertime is arguably the best time to enjoy a Praia da Rocha vacation, thanks to the warm weather, and it's definitely when things are at their liveliest. You can visit during the winter as well if you don't mind the cooler weather, which is what many tourists from England do. There are more than enough hotels near Praia da Rocha, so finding a good place to stay isn't likely to be an issue, though booking ahead in the summer is generally recommended.

The Praia da Rocha in Algarve Portugal is a wide and scenic beach. Backing it are red ochre and sand colored cliffs, as well as a small sixteenth-century fortress. Large rock formations rise from the beach, earning Praia da Rocha a few nicknames, such as Indented Rocks and Two Brothers. The cliffs and rocks provide welcome shade on hot days, and they also give the beach a picturesque appeal that is hard to match. If you are interested in secluded Portugal beaches, Praia da Rocha might not be for you, as the area is quite commercialized. For those who want to hang out at some of the more bustling beaches in this inviting country, then a Praia da Rocha vacation should prove ideal.

Whether you're from southern Spain, northern Portugal, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, a getaway in Praia da Rocha can be ideal when a break from the everyday grind is in order. When you're not sunning, surfing, swimming, body boarding, or enjoying any other number of fun activities at the beach, you can do some shopping, visit a local restaurant, or admire the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar. Excellent views of the beach and of the adjacent marina can be enjoyed from the fortress. Speaking of the marina in neighboring Portimao, it's the embarkation point for many pleasure cruises and fishing excursions.

Many improvements have been made to the pedestrian areas that can be found in Praia da Rocha town, and you might be surprised to know that this is a popular year-round destination. The sunshine in February, while not as warm as the sunshine in the summer months, is still something to savor for those who are used to colder wintertime conditions. A stroll along the pedestrian avenues here is enjoyable any time of year, and you can always stop at a café for a break. There's even a casino here, and it's not only a good place to gamble, but to dine and dance the night away as well. Praia da Rocha in Algarve Portugal boasts a healthy nightlife scene, especially during the busier summer months, so the fun doesn't have to stop once the sun sets.

A Praia da Rocha vacation can see you hanging around Praia da Rocha proper if that's all that you have in mind, but it can also include visits to other great beaches and towns as well, such as Lagos and Albufeira. Meia Praia is an area beach that deserves a visit, as is Praia da Gale, and there are plenty of quality golf courses in the area if you want to tee it up. Start planning your Praia da Rocha vacation today, and see why this Portugal destination is known the world wide. The hotels near Praia da Rocha offer something for everyone, but don't forget to book ahead in the summer months!

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