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Portugal is a seasonal destination, and while most travelers still come in the summer to enjoy the country's beaches, the constantly developing Portuguese spa industry is making year-round travel more attractive. Portugal is actually one of the top destinations in the world for those who appreciate health and wellness tourism. In addition to a pleasant climate, Portugal boasts thermal and mineral waters that are considered by many to be therapeutic. The northern half of the country is where you might start when looking for a good spa resort in Portugal, as it is home to the bulk of the country's spa towns.

Many Portugal spas can be found in the northern Beiras region, and nearby Luso is not to be overlooked when planning your rejuvenating escape. Found just north of Coimbra, Luso is a small town that is known for the quality of its water. If you buy a bottle of mineral water on your Portugal vacation, it's likely that it will bear the Luso tag. While there are a lot of Portuguese spa towns, few are as renowned as Luso. Here, the waters are believed to cure a number of ailments, from artery flow issues to skin conditions. Unfortunately, some of the northern Portugal spas close down in the winter, though that's not the case with Luso. Summer might be when most come to bask in the town's thermal baths, but you can always drop by in the winter as well. The same goes for the town of Curia, which is only ten miles northwest of Luso. Both of these destinations are ideal when a spa vacation to Portugal is what you have in mind. As a side note, some excellent hiking can be enjoyed in the peaceful forest near the neighboring town of Bucaco, and you can certainly burn off stress in this wooded wonderland.

When visiting northern Portugal destinations like Porto and Guimaraes, you won't be far from some inviting spa towns. Vizela is close by, and it's a good place to soothe tired muscles and seek out therapy for anything else that might be ailing you. Northeast of Guimaraes, and near the border of Spain, is where you will find Vila do Geres, whose main spa is ideal for relaxing treatments. In addition to soaking in thermal baths, you can swim in the pool, enjoy a steambath, and even treat yourself to a special vulcanized rock treatment. Chaves, Pedras Salgadas, and Sao Pedro do Sul are some of the other northern towns that you might consider when looking for a spa in Portugal. You'll also want to keep Manteigas in mind, as it is here where you will find the Caldas de Manteigas. For an agreeable fee, you can meet with a medical practitioner at this spa complex and receive recommendations on treatments. Bathing in the natural hot springs is sure to figure on the itinerary at some point when in Manteigas. The spa here runs a hotel, as is typical of the Portugal spas, so you can opt to stay onsite if you prefer.

Heading to a spa town is a good way to go when searching for a spa in Portugal, and you can also check into a spa hotel if you want to soothe both body and mind. Lisbon is home to array of hotels that offer spa services, including the Pestana Palace, the Dom Pedro Palace, and the Sheraton Lisboa. In nearby Cascais, which is between Lisbon and Sintra, the Grande Real Italia and the Quinta da Marinha Resort offer spa services as well, and they are some of the more complete spa hotels that you can stay at in the area.

While Lisbon is a featured stop on many Portugal vacations, those who are seeking fun in the sun often head south to enjoy the beaches in the Algarve region. If you're interested in staying at an upscale spa resort in Portugal, the Algarve boasts some tantalizing options. Two of the best spa hotels on the southern coast include the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa and the Vila Sol Spa Golf Resort. You can definitely enjoy more than just a massage or facial at the luxurious spas that these resorts offer. Over on Madeira Island, the Choupana Hills Resort & Spa offers a comprehensive list of treatments as well, as do some of the other upscale Madeira Island hotels.

Wherever you go in Portugal, you'll never be far from a good spa. A spa in Portugal can be hotel spa, a town spa, or a smaller day spa, and most offer special packages if you're interested. At the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, for example, you can book a three-day spa package that features an anti-aging skin treatment, a body peeling session, a massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. The Azores Islands aren't as renowned as Madeira Island when it comes to finding a good spa resort in Portugal, but you can enjoy spa-related treatments at four-star hotels like the Hotel Marina Atlantico.

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