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Portugal is a fantastic country to visit, thanks largely in part to its impressive array of historical structures, and natural wonders await around every turn. From the northern reaches of the country on down to the southern Algarve, there's so much to see and do in Portugal. You can also head out to one of the country's island territories to explore. Since there is so much to see and do in Portugal, many visitors book tours that highlight some of the main draws. The Lisbon tours are among the most popular, as are those that are offered in and around Porto, though you don't have to limit yourself to these destinations if you want to find out what else the country has to offer. A tour of the old villages in central Portugal is bound to please, for example, and the treasures of southern Portugal are not to be missed.

Portugal tours can be guided or unguided, and if you're not too timid to drive during your visit, renting a car is a great way to go, as you can set your own timetables. Walking tours in cities and towns like Lisbon and Viseu are about as enjoyable as walking tours get, and it's nice to park the car when you get to more urban environments. Portugal is a very scenic country, thanks to its hilly and mountainous landscape, and driving tours in the mountains are always rewarding. The mountains in and around the town of Sintra are just some of the mountains that you'll do well to explore by way of car. You can also go hiking if you please when it comes to general sightseeing, and there are plenty of great hikes to be had in this wondrous land. Some of the tallest mountains in Portugal can actually be found on Madeira Island and on the Azores Islands, which helps to make them ideal destinations for sightseeing tours.

Many Portugal visitors stick to the Lisbon area, and as such, Lisbon tours are very popular. One of the best things about the Lisbon Portugal tours is that they often include other regional destinations, such as the picturesque town of Sintra. You can even treat yourself to a wine tour when visiting Lisbon. Portugal wine is renowned for its quality the world over, and wine tours in Portugal have been gaining in popularity for quite some time now. Wineries can be found across the country, so you won't be limited when it comes to wine tours. In addition to Sintra, many Lisbon tours include time in Fatima, which is renowned for its Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary.

North Portugal is generally regarded as the country's birthplace, thanks to destinations like Guimaraes. Inviting villages abound in northern Portugal, as do castles, vineyards, and lush mountain areas. Porto is understandably a popular stop on northerly tours in Portugal, and you might look to drop by the town of Alcobaca, which boasts the largest Gothic church in the land. Should you choose to explore the northern realms on your tour to Portugal, you'll surely be singing its praises come time to leave. As for the southern region, which is home to the sundrenched beaches of the Algarve, more castles dot the countryside, and the rugged cliffs are quite a sight to see. Hopefully, your tour in southern Portugal will include a stop in the city of Evora. Evora Portugal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks largely in part to its old town center and its Roman, medieval era, and seventeenth-century walls. You'll also find a Roman Temple here, not to mention an abundance of beautiful sixteenth and seventeenth century homes. Often referred to as an open-air museum, Evora is truly special.

A tour to Portugal can involve all of the areas of the country if you please, and it can last quite a few days if you have the time. More often than not, your accommodations are accounted for on multiple day tours in Portugal, as are your meals. While you can stick to land on some Portugal tours, others involve taking to the water. River cruises are among the top tours in the country, and many take place on the Douro River. You can even take the river as far as Spain if you please. Various stops are made along the way on extended river tours in Portugal, allowing passengers to explore as they please. A Douro River cruise can definitely be the focus of a tour to Portugal, and the vacation packages that revolve around these cruises often include things like your airfare and meals.Whether you book an extended tour to Portugal or opt for more isolated tours once you arrive, you're bound to walk away satisfied. Portugal tours offer something for everyone, which is true of the country overall, so finding one that meets your needs or fits your preference won't be hard. Don't forget about the numerous museums that can be found across the country when planning tours in Portugal. A museum tour can reward you with insight into the country's history, culture, and people, which are three of the things that make Portugal such a dynamic travel destination.

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