Portugal Rental Cars

A rental car in Portugal can often be found at a very reasonable rate. Since the Euro was introduced, prices have risen slightly but they are still good. Portugal is a small country which makes it great for road trips and getting off the beaten path. To get the most out of the country many visitors take advantage of a rental car in Portugal which then allows for even more things to do. One thing which could be a concern is fuel prices. Fuel is quite pricey in Portugal but these days it"s pricey everywhere! The benefit to a rental car in Portugal is that the country is small. Perfect! This keeps costs down and travel time shorter.

Most vehicles in the country are quite economical and easy to navigate adding to the benefits of renting a car. The country roads twist and turn and are mostly quite narrow adding to adventure of driving. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race! Interestingly there is a wall at every bend that has a mirror attached up high. This allows drivers to see what’s coming around the corner making driving conditions much safer.

The best deals on car rental for Portugal can arguably be found online. Many companies offer deals on accommodation as well as car rentals which can only be taken advantage of if booked online. This can be a great way to find the best deals on car rental for Portugal but it requires a little added research. You will want to carefully find out all details before booking. Also, decide if you would like to pick up your car when debarking your flight to Portugal. Your hotel may also be able to help you find a good deal and may even have a rental desk on site.

When to go is always a good question. November to March will typically have the best deals on car rental for Portugal. April to June and possibly October will see prices rise, but not overwhelmingly. July, August and September normally encompass the most expensive times of year to rent a car because the demand is higher. The best deals on a car rental for Portugal are often on economy cars such as Fiat, Peugot and Kia.

If you"re flying in from North America, the company names may not be familiar as there are several types of cars in Portugal that aren’t found in north America. Most are reliable though and there’s not much to worry about if you choose a reputable agency. Small cars are all that’s really necessary when driving in the country and fit four to five passengers comfortably as well as an average amount of luggage. Most are standard or manual, though automatic cars are available as well.

If you"re looking for a cheap car rental Portugal has some good deals in November to March. At this time of year you can expect to find an economy car for 85 Euros and less. In the summer the same car rental will cost up to twice as much and more. A cheap car rental in Portugal does not normally cover access liability. If you have car insurance at home, check with your insurance company to see if you enjoy additional coverage overseas. Depending on your policy it’s a possibility. Also, check with your major credit card company regarding car insurance. Often credit cards cover the additional insurance as long as you pay for the car with that same card.

When finding a cheap car rental Portugese vacations seem that much better! Saving money is always a good way to get a vacation off to an excellent start and hope that the good luck follows. Prepare well for your road trip and arm yourself with plenty of maps of the regions you wish to visit. Driving the expanse of the country from north to south or vice versa is fairly straightforward. Be sure to stop at roadside attractions and restaurants along the way, especially in the smaller towns and villages for dining and experience some proper, traditional and delicious Portugese cuisine!

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