Viseu Portugal

The city of Viseu Portugal is the capital of the Dao-Lafoes sub-region, which is part of the larger Centro Region. This sub-region was once part of the former Beira Alta province, which was known primarily for its castles, mountain vistas, and picturesque river valleys. The elevated position of Viseu Portugal has made it a popular place to settle for quite some time now, and you might be interested to know that the city's name is derived from a Roman term. viso, which is the Roman term in question, essentially translates to "good view."

Before the Romans arrived, the Lusitanians had settled on the Iberian Peninsula. A Lusitanian rebel leader by the name of Viriatus fought diligently to keep the Roman Conquest at bay, and he remains the local hero in Viseu Portugal. Viriatus isn't only a local hero, but a national one as well, and you can view a statue that honors him on your Viseu visit. The state of Viriatus isn't the only thing worth adding to the list when it comes to things to see in Viseu. Churches, chapels, and convents abound here, helping to give the city a decidedly medieval feel. While the old center of town is no longer walled, parts of the old wall still remain, offering glimpses into the past. Topping the list of attractions in Viseu, however, is the Cathedral of Viseu, which is one of the more renowned cathedrals in Portugal. You can see the towers of this cathedral from virtually any point in the city, and it stands proudly over the Largo da Se square.

The Largo da Se square is one of the more attractive squares in Portugal, and it deserves inclusion on your Viseu travel itinerary. The main cathedral in Viseu isn't the only attraction of interest on the Largo da Se square. It is here where you will also find the Grao Vasco Museum and the Misericordia Church of Viseu. The former is one of the best attractions in Viseu for art enthusiasts, as it is home to an array of works by the renowned sixteenth-century artist, Vasco Fernandes. Other highlights at the museum include the painted altarpieces and the collections of sculpture, metalwork, and tapestry. As for the Misericordia Church, or Igreja da Misericordia as it is referred to as locally, it is renowned for its fancy Rococo façade.

The Misericordia Church stands just across from the city's main cathedral, so you can easily visit both of these top-rated attractions in Viseu on your stop at the Largo da Se square. Work on the cathedral started in the twelfth century, though it boasts a mix of architectural styles, thanks to additions and renovations over time. Among the architectural styles that you'll notice inside the Viseu Cathedral is Manueline, which is a late-Gothic-period style of architectural ornamentation that the Portuguese are known for. The Tower of Belem, which can be found in Lisbon, is one of the best examples of the Manueline style, as is the Window of the Convent of Christ, which can be found in the small town of Tomar.

In addition to spending some time on the Largo da Se square, your Viseu travel plans can include walking tours on the attractive Praca Dom Duarte square and leisurely strolls along Rua Direita. The Praca Dom Duarte square boasts some old homes with intricate wrought-iron balconies, and the views of the cathedral are stunning. As for the Rua Direita, it's arguably the most appealing street in Viseu Portugal. You can relax at a café on Rua Direita, admire the old townhouses, and even do some shopping. Viseu is renowned for its local crafts, particularly its pottery, and the area wines and cheeses also deserve some special attention. The Dao wines, which are some of the best wines that are produced in Portugal, so a winery tour can be an ideal thing to add to your Viseu travel plans if you are a wine enthusiast.

For those who enjoy outdoor recreation, Viseu is one of the best Portugal vacation destinations, as the nearby Serra da Estrela Natural Park stretches out to the south and southeast of town. Home to some of the highest mountains in the country, this park is a scenic wonderland. In addition to hiking, visitors to the Serra da Estrela can take in the views from a car window. Fishing is also something that you can enjoy at the park, and come winter, snow blankets the mountains, making skiing and snowboarding possible. After a day of sightseeing and activity in the Serra da Estrela, you might enjoy a meal before heading back to your Viseu hotel. The local cheeses and smoked sausages are known for their quality. There's a lot to see and do in Viseu, and when you consider the beauty of the surrounding area and the wealth of historical attractions in the nearby cities and towns, the list of possibilities only increases.

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