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Portugal Trip
Portugal Trip

Some prior research can go along way before heading off to enjoy a Portugal vacation. The country is small, about the size of Scotland, and has incredible geographic variety as well as a variety of traditions and ways of life. Highly developed resorts cater to tourists during a Portugal vacation in the southern Algarve region and along the coast near Lisbon. The bustling capital is full of interesting barrios, sights and attractions.

In the rural areas there is a different flavor to Portugal. Things remains relatively unchanged in the smaller towns and in the countryside. Visit rural areas during a Portugal vacation to experience the old ways of life. Visitors can expect very hot weather from July to August. More unpredictable weather happens during April, May and October when it may be fantastically sunny and warm or rainy and cooler. November to March is cool and quite wet even in the south.

Portugal landmarks overflow in the country and there is a surprising number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Pena National Palace is a UNESCO site located in the small town of Sintra near Lisbon. Built in the 19th century from the ruins of an ancient monastery it exemplifies Roman revivalism. Belem Tower, significant in Portugal landmarks, is a beautiful sight to see. It was built in 1520 as a protective fortress and still lies on the banks of the Tagus River.

Portugal landmarks can’t be discussed without bringing up Alfama. It is one of the oldest quarters in Lisbon set on the side of a steep incline with the impressive St. George’s Church as its pinnacle. The best time to visit these landmarks is in the summer months. Although it is quite warm it’s ideal for walking tours.

The biggest of festival attractions in Portugal is Carnaval by far! Brave the capricious weather in February and March and enjoy one of the most exciting festivals Portugal celebrates. The main attractions in Portugal are the sublime beaches. Beaches are found down the western coastline and in the southern Algarve region and are best enjoyed in the summer months. Other attractions in Portugal include golf vacations, fishing trips and architectural tours.

After Lisbon Evora is likely the most interesting of Portugal tourism attractions. This World Heritage site is an hour from the capital and nearby are the largest prehistoric stones in all of Europe. Visitors can access them by walking through a magical cork forest and most of the time the area is free of other visitors. Portugal tourism attractions also include the gorgeous Douro valley and gorge offering stunning views of the terraced river banks. This could be paired with a trip to Porto and a walk through the charming historical center.

Portugal tourism attractions seem endless. From great surf, alluring castles, historical churches, excellent beaches and stunning, ancient architecture there is no absence of things to do. If staying in the Algarve, note that inland the scenery is often unattractive and the real natural beauty lies along the coast. Driving can be a nightmare depending on the time of year so drive carefully and pay mind on the narrow and twisting streets.

If planning a trip during high season be sure to research and book ahead to avoid disappointment. Though many argue that the off season weather is too unpredictable it can also be a nice time to visit. Just take an umbrella! It does not rain constantly. The slower time of year will allow tourists more bang for their buck and this can be a great way to enjoy the many things Portugal has to offer.

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