Romania is a destination worth investigating for travelers who have a strong desire to get off the beaten path in Europe. This member of the EU can often be overlooked for travel in favor of other Eastern European countries such as Hungary or Croatia. However, experienced travelers have heard stories about Romania travel that make crossing the border into this mysterious country attractive. If you want to wander the streets of a fascinating capital city, hike or bike through the Carpathian Mountains, or even chase legends of vampires, Romania should be at the top of your travel wish list.

The most popular place to visit in Romania is the capital city of Bucharest. Similar to other Eastern European capitals, Bucharest is home to a variety of communist monuments and architecture. There is much more to Bucharest than just this period in history, however; visitors who plan Romania travel to get underneath the skin of Bucharest will discover a very rich past. A trip to this city can be filled with days of wandering in and out of churches, savoring reasonably priced cuisine, and exploring local attractions and nightlife. While Bucharest is a popular destination in Romania, there is one other place where a strong travel presence is felt.

Vampire lore has been a huge draw in this part of the world, and Romania travel has become popular in recent years for travelers with an interest in the subject. Come for yourself and see the actual Transylvania, where castles and medieval towns are sure to transport you to a different time in history. It is easy to see how these places earned their spooky reputation, and many visitors make a pilgrimage to Dracula's Castle, the former home of Vlad the Impaler and also known as Bran Castle. If you’re interested in history, make sure not to miss out on Romania’s Painted Monasteries as well. From green mountains to charming villages, while you are searching for vampires you will be smack in the middle of some incredible landscapes.

Adventurous travelers will also find Romania attractive. If you’re trying to plan a hiking or biking trip on a budget, Romania is the place to go. The Carpathian Mountains make a spectacular backdrop for a day or two of hiking, and charming country inns will keep you well fed for a reasonable price. These farmhouse bed and breakfasts will provide a glimpse into country life in Romania that many travelers who only visit Bucharest will never get to see. These fascinating inns are a favorite for many travelers who venture off the beaten path in Romania.

One of the most attractive features of Romania is that it still offers an authentic glimpse into its past, as it is less developed than many other European nations. This should put Romania at the top of your travel wish list, to see it before it will inevitable modernize in some ways. There are few places that still offer visitors both a glimpse into a communist past and also attractions that have nothing to do with communism. Come and taste the flavors of Romania, walk the streets of the capital, explore the mountains, castles, and monasteries and you will be one of the lucky travelers who gets to see the country before it changes and becomes more similar to its neighbors.



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