Carpathians in Romania

The Carpathians in Romania are an unforgettable sight, and adventurous travelers will want to explore beyond the artistic city of Bucharest to discover the soul of the country. Some locals might argue that the Carpathians are that soul—a mountain range that stretches across central Romania and offers endless outdoor activities including skiing, biking, and hiking, and which is also tied to a great deal of the country’s history. While there is plenty of culture to be found in the cities, escaping to the countryside and the mountains is sure to deliver a well rounded experience of Romania. Whether you spend a few days in the charming town of Orsova Romania, right on the Danube River, or hike from one bed and breakfast to the next, you are sure to fall for the magic of the Romanian mountains.

Travelers are drawn to Romania for many reasons, including the capital city of Bucharest, an interest in vampires that leads people to Transylvania, or maybe even the beautiful painted monasteries. The Carpathians in Romania aren’t at the top of this list, but they should be. Whether you are looking to plan an affordable skiing holiday or want a new place to spend a week cycling over the summer, the Carpathians will satisfy your craving for something new. This area of the Romanian Mountains will be especially attractive for travelers who are trying to stretch their budget. Quaint bed and breakfasts will be the perfect accommodation throughout your journey, and they often serve hearty breakfasts.

The town of Orsova Romania is one of the best destinations on a tour of the Carpathians. Located on the Danube River, this town offers a spectacular combination of scenery with mountains and water. During a visit you will discover that this port city has a fascinating history that stretches back to the year 1150. A beautiful destination in summer or winter, Orsova Romania can be a great home base for travelers looking to explore the area. If you’re interested in learning about local history, Orsova has plenty of it, including being a major border fortification in the Middle Ages and being exchanged between Hungary and Romania many times.

Beyond the charming towns however, the allure of the Romanian mountains is the scenery itself. While you’re cycling along you might just encounter horse-drawn buggies, herds of sheep, and haystacks waiting to be used by farmers. This country spirit is something that travelers fall in love with about Romania. Skip the five star hotels of Bucharest in favor of the bed and breakfasts that spot the mountains. Here you will taste local organic produce and get to know a more authentic side of rural life. All of this can be experienced for much less than one night’s accommodation in a major western European city.

The Carpathians in Romania are also sometimes called the Transylvanian Alps. This name conjures up images of skiing, and you can definitely enjoy this winter activity here. You can also go river rafting, trekking, hiking, and cycling. Besides seeing new terrain and maybe even hiring a knowledgeable local guide, this trip can be planned and executed at a much lower price than exploring the Alps of Italy and France. Adventurous travelers who are looking for a new and savvy way to get their outdoor buzz for a fraction of the cost should strongly consider the Carpathians in Romania.

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