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Romania hotels are the first step in researching practical details if the varying architectural styles and cultural boom of Bucharest are luring you to Romania. Choosing where to stay is an important part of planning your Eastern European vacation, and many travelers are happy to discover that accommodation in Romania is still very affordable. This means that on the one hand, Romania is popular among budget travelers, backpackers, and students, but on the other hand provides excellent value for everyone else. In addition, Romania accommodations also reliably provide an authentic glimpse into the local culture.

Romania hotels can be broken down into two categories: city hotels and country farmhouses or bed and breakfasts. If you’re looking for hotels in Bucharest, you will find a variety of city hotels to choose from. In the capital city you will find the most choice for accommodation, and it is even possible to splurge a little if you want. On the other hand, if you’re planning a trip to go hiking through the Carpathian Mountains or to visit medieval towns and their castles, you will have less of a choice for accommodation. The good news is that this type of Romanic accommodations is affordable, serves hearty food, and is very culturally authentic.

Hotels in Bucharest offer a star system that will be familiar to international travelers. From five-star hotels that offer the best accommodation, services, and amenities to four-star, three-star, two-star, and basic one-star accommodation, you will find a range of prices and levels of service. Most hotels in Romania also include breakfast as part of the room rate, so this can be factored in when you are going over your budget. There is another rating for bed and breakfasts in the villages outside of Bucharest. Bed and breakfasts, often called pensiune, are rated on a scale of one, two, or three daisies, with three being the best. Another benefit of this type of accommodation is the opportunity to sample local organic produce during your stay.

Visitors may be surprised at the sheer choice for hotels in Bucharest. At the five-star level, some of the top choices include the Intercontinental, the Crowne Plaza, Casa Capsa, or Carol Parc Hotel. Among these options there are some hotels that are larger than others, so having an idea in mind about what type of hotel you are seeking will help to narrow down your choices. On other hand, if you’re looking for budget Romania accommodations in Bucharest, some of the top choices include Carpati, Cerna, Marna, or Muntenia. In this city of two million people there are many options between the five star and budget options as well.

Beyond these Romania hotels, bed and breakfasts also offer a charming experience. If you want to hit the countryside and get a glimpse at how rural people live in Romania, definitely plan on exploring beyond Bucharest. Some of the best guest houses include Popasul Reginei, Casa Muresan, and Flamingo Guest House, all located near Transylvania. If you have a curiosity about vampires, head to Transylvania and stay in one of these guest houses while you explore local castles such as Bran Castle, medieval villages, and the Painted Monasteries.

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