Russia is the largest country in the world and covers an incredible amount of land, touching more than a dozen borders in all. It sweeps across the majority of the Asian continent and is adjacent to both the Pacific and Arctic oceans. During Russia travel tourists can experience a harsh and bitter climate and also a warm and pleasant one. The country is full of contrasts, weather being only the beginning. Russia vacations are most popular outside of the winter months for obvious reasons. Spring through the beginning of Autumn brings very warm temperatures, often reaching and also exceeding 90F.

History is what prompts many to purchase Russia vacation packages or to embark on independent travel. With such a varied and fascinating history comes a wealth of Russia attractions to explore, especially in the older cities where many buildings are centuries old. Architectural wonders can be seen on every corner during Russia vacations in St Petersburg, the old capital, and Moscow, the newest designated capital. Russia vacation packages in the two cities can offer a great savings if you plan on taking city tours to see many of the top sights.

Hotels, airfare, various tours, transportation and more can all be included offering great value for money. This can be an ideal way to see all the main attractions, such as the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basils Cathedral and more. Perhaps you’re intimidated by making your own way around, maybe you prefer the ease of a tour guide or maybe your time is limited and you prefer to see as much as possible. Whatever the reason, Russia vacation packages can accommodate myriad interests.

Siberia is an extremely popular area with outdoor enthusiasts for Russia tours. Dense, forested landscapes, the deepest lake in the world, towering mountains and everything remote and beautiful is found in Siberia. The area boasts the best natural Russia attractions and also some of the most exciting outdoor activities. There are a number of tour companies taking visitors to Siberia where each day is laden with adventure. Russia vacations in this part of the country lean toward the beauty of the outdoors but will also bring you in touch with some of the most interesting and enduring of Russia’s people, bringing to light just how difficult life in this remote area can be.

It’s impossible not to hear the infamous names of Peter the Great, Catharine the Great, Lenin and Stalin during Russia travel. They’re lives and influences are evident all over the country, from the cultural and political Golden Ring to the outskirts of the enormous and seemingly endless land. In Russia travel has become much easier with more means to get around but many towns and cities still sit far away from each other. Russia travel is best limited to one area unless you have a lot of time to explore the country and don’t mind spending a good chunk of time traveling.

Many people never make it much past the western side where the cities of St Petersburg and Moscow are located. This area alone is so incredibly full of Russia attractions that getting outside of it requires much more time. The west, most often visited by tourists, is where history prevails and is therefore one of the most fascinating areas to visit during Russia tours. The Kremlin alone remains the top attraction in the country and the most popular stop during Russia vacations, along with famous Red Square and St Basils Cathedral.

On the eastern front, popularly reached by the Trans Siberian railway, Omsk is the largest city and the seventh largest in the country. There are several worthwhile attractions to check out including a number of galleries and museums, architectural highlights and even a beach. Whether you’re deeply interested in the broad history and attractions in the west, or curious about the more isolated western region, Russia tours offer a glimpse into a fascinating culture full of mystery and intrigue.

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