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Finding Russia flights is the first step in planning a successful trip to the world's largest country. Attractions and things to do are probably the most exciting part of planning a vacation, though they’re not the most important—deciding how to get there and finding out what you need to do are crucial. Russia flights are the most common way for foreign visitors to arrive in the largest country in the world, but before you make your reservations for a cheap flight to Moscow or elsewhere, remember that citizens of most countries need to have a visa in hand before getting to Russia. There are a number of airlines servicing Russia flights, including Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Aeroflot.

Getting to Russia can be done in a variety of ways, from Trans-Continental Rail that spans the entire country to cruising up one of the various rivers on a boat from elsewhere in Europe, but by far the most popular means of arrival is through Russia flights. Many times, cheaper airfare can be found by traveling through larger airports; no matter what your final destination in Russia, visitors can often times find cheap flights to Moscow, as the city offers more direct flights than other airports with fewer stops in between. Getting around within the country is quick and easy in a number of different ways, including the Trans-Siberian Railway and domestic flights originating from a number of airports from around the country. Simply using a travel search engine can help travelers find cheap flights to Moscow, or you can look for a vacation package that includes your transportation to Russia as well as activities once you arrive.

Moscow is home to three major international airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, and Vnukovo international airports. While Sheremetyevo is the heart of Russian Aeroflot operations, Domodedovo is the largest and services most of the direct flights to the country. Many of the Moscow flights are available through internationally known airlines, such as Aeroflot, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta. If you are searching for cheap airfare to Russia, Delta, Lufthansa, KLM, and Aeroflot are a few of the airlines that offer the best deals. Direct flights from the United States can be found from New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles from these airlines, as well as from Montreal and Toronto Canada, all offering possibilities for a cheap flight to Moscow.

Throughout Russia, there are several airports serving international as well as domestic flights. Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg Russia serves both international and domestic flights. Getting to and from the Pulkovo Airport can be done by taxi, bus, or metro, and once at the airport, whether you are waiting on arrivals or departures, there are a variety of places to rest, including the Chillout Lounge with a children's playroom, and the VIP Lounge.

Most visitors, including US citizens, must have a visa before entering the Russian Federation, and the process may seem a bit tricky, so applying early is a good policy that should make things simpler; consider doing so at the same time you book your Moscow flights or tickets anywhere else in the country. Getting a Russian visa can be broken down into a few simple steps. Before applying for the visa, visitors must receive an official invitation and tourist voucher, which can be attained through the travel agency or hotel, as well as on a few web sites that offer visa services. If you are staying with friends or family in Russia, they can sponsor a private or home-stay visa through the local Passport and Visa Division of the Federal Migration Service; however, the inviting individual becomes responsible for you and if you break any laws in Russia during your visit, they may be penalized to a heavy degree.

Visitors can choose from a variety of different ways to arrive in Russia; however Russia flights are the least hassle and the most popular, and while there are a number of airports located throughout the country, Moscow flights are the most numerous and reliable as they can be booked through three of the largest international airports located in the city. Finding a cheap flight to Moscow can easily be done through a travel web site or with early booking, and once you have your ticket booked and have received your visa, you can just relax and enjoy your Russian vacation.


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