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Many Russia airports have been modernized in recent years, making air travel to the country more comfortable and convenient. For most travelers to Eastern Europe, flying is the best way to get there, so if you're traveling to Russia from elsewhere in the world, your first experience with the country will likely be in one of its major airports. There are four major airports in Russia, three in Moscow and one in St Petersburg, as well as many smaller options. The St Petersburg Russia Airport is called Pulkovo Airport. Located just over ten miles from the center of the city, this airport is extremely convenient to many St Petersburg hotels and to numerous things to do in the city.

This St Petersburg Russia airport also has an interesting history. Completed in 1932, this airport was a prime subject of attack during the siege of Leningrad (the name of St Petersburg from 1924 through 1991) in 1941. The Nazis occupied the airport until 1944, and in 1948, flights resumed. This Russian airport today is the fourth-busiest in the country, after the three Moscow airports. If you plan to fly to Russia, you may want to see which airport in Moscow you can get an affordable flight into and then travel domestically on to St Petersburg; it's often cheaper to do so.

There are no trains that connect the city to the St Petersburg Russia airport. Public transportation is very affordable however, costing travelers the equivalent of one to three dollars for a one-way journey on public transit. Options include the public bus, express bus (a bit more expensive), shuttles, or taxi. A taxi to this Russian airport will cost about the equivalent of 20 USD and take about fifteen to twenty minutes by car. This airport also has a VIP lounge, on the upper level of the terminal.

A cluster of Russia airports is located in Moscow. The three choices in the capital city, in order of largest to smallest are: Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport, and Vnukovo airport. The only Russian airport to the north of the city is Sheremetyevo Airport, with the other two options to the south of the city center. An express train connects Domodedovo Airport to downtown Moscow, making it a popular choice for travelers hoping to avoid rush hour traffic and who want a quick trip from the airport to their Moscow hotels.

When choosing amongst Russia airports, price will be an important factor. All three options in Moscow are similar distances from the center of the city, so if flights are more affordable to one airport, go ahead and book the cheaper flight. From Moscow, it is possible to book domestic flights to other areas of the country you wish to explore, such as Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, and Ekaterinburg. Be sure to make arrangements for your Russian visa beforehand, and research vacation packages, as they might be an affordable option. Whether you travel to Russia for a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway or a glimpse into one of the richest historical pasts on Earth, the cities, landscapes, and architecture of Russia will leave you mesmerized.

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