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Russia tourist attractions are numerous but unusual, located as they are in what is by far the largest country in the world, and yet relatively little of its land is agriculturally useful or settled, due to the extreme weather. This, coupled with its long and tumultuous history, makes it quite an intriguing destination. The various Russia attractions offer a host of diversity, from grand palaces and dominating castles to sacred cathedrals and lively cities, as well as a variety of oddities that may interest visitors just for the sake of curiosity. Adventurers and nature-lovers will marvel at the towering mountains, dense forests, volcanoes, and the innumerable bodies of water, including the largest freshwater lake in the world. The range and expanse of attractions in Russia are great and offer visitors endless fun things to do and see.

There are plenty of memorable Russia tourist attractions, depending on your interests and the time of year in which you visit. There are several must-sees in the largest and romantically historic country in the world, and among the top historic Russia sightseeing attractions are the Kremlin, Red Square, the Motherland Calls statue, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Summer Palace of Ivan the Great, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and Mikhailovsky Palace and the Winter Palace, which are both now museums. Most are in Moscow and St Petersburg, though the Motherland statue is in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) where it stands as a memorial to the World War II battle.

Medieval and imperial Russia left behind many remnants of the past that have today become some of the most well-known and popular Russian attractions. Among these attractions are a number of palaces, castles, and churches. The Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow of Ivan the Great dominates the landscape in this dynamic city. In St Petersburg, the summer palace of Peter the Great, a small two story palace with only fourteen rooms, sits on the bank of the Fontanka River. While castles are not filled with intricately detailed artwork, they are indeed impressive to tour and look upon. The Ivangrod Fortress, Vyborg Castle, and Mikhail Castle are all popular opportunities for Russia sightseeing. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg and St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow are well-known sacred attractions in Russia.

Moscow in itself holds plenty of interesting and popular Russia tourist attractions from the Kremlin of Ivan the Great to the Red Square, home to St Basil’s and Lenin’s tomb. The Moscow Kremlin is a fortified complex, encompassing with its wall and towers four palaces and four cathedrals; this area has been occupied since the second millennium BC, and has been the official residence of the tsars of the past and president of Russia today. Officially known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat, which once flowed alongside the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral is among the most colorful attractions in Russia. The chapel that houses St. Basil’s tomb, the ninth chapel, can be recognized by its green and gold color with triangles of gold studding the onion top. Every season offers spectacular views of this rich and vibrant cathedral.

Russia sightseeing is not limited to grand buildings and citadels, but it can also be expanded to the wonders of nature, as the country is home to majestic Mount Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe, and the largest freshwater lake. Skiing, trekking, and snowboarding are a few of the activities that can be enjoyed in the Caucasus and Ural Mountains. Lake Baikal is the deepest and the most voluminous freshwater lake, as well as the oldest lake in the world. Known as the Pearl of Siberia and located about an hour’s train ride from Irkutsk, Baikal is now one of the beautiful Russia tourist attractions with resorts. In addition to these famous tourist sites, there are many out-of-the-way natural attractions filled with breathtaking scenery and plenty of activities, such as the rivers in the Russian Far East and the fishing opportunities in Kamchatka.

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