Black Sea Russia

The Black Sea is an inland sea that lies between Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. In recent years, Black Sea cruises and resorts have grown in popularity, and tourists have been drawn to the developing destination by the sun and surf, as well as nearby ski resorts such as Krasnaya Polyana. Beautiful natural landscapes and Black Sea spas have been luring guests from near and far. The Black Sea Russia eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean, and the sea forms a natural boundary between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor. Wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled with the amount of marine life the Black Sea offers, including bottlenose dolphins and a variety of fish. Despites its name, the Black Sea is very clear and blue on a sunny day.

There are many options for Black Sea cruises, including affordable and luxury choices. These cruises can also bring you to different countries and cities in Europe, including Istanbul in Turkey. If you’d rather relax on the sun-drenched shores, the most popular beach towns along the Black Sea Russia coast are Anapa, Tuapse, and Sochi. The area that was once reserved for tsars and other political elites is now open to the public, who have been arriving in growing numbers to enjoy the palm trees and healing spas. If Black Sea spas are tempting you to this region of Russia, the most popular spa town is Sochi, which is also the host of the 2014 Olympics. This coastline is known for Black Sea cottages in Russia, where Stalin himself chose to have a summer residence.

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